{Saturday Morning Snapshot} – Breakfast with Grandparents

Saturday has got to be my favourite day of the week and Saturday mornings are especially precious. I get to laze in bed and cuddle Aly for a bit without having to rush to somewhere or worry about getting something done. I wake up happy, well rested and all excited about the weekend ahead.

That’s why I thought the Saturday Morning Snapshot idea started by Wee Stories is such a great idea. Basically, you can take a snapshot of anything or anyone on a Saturday morning, upload it onto your blog and link up with Wee Stories. That way, the pictures tell a story of what happens every weekend and these pictures will serve as a reminder of good times. Do link up if you’re interested!

This morning, my parents came to pick Aly and I up for breakfast since Ys was working. We spent the morning having breakfast together and catching up, and laughing at all of Aly’s silly antics. I’m thankful that I have pockets of time like these with them. Although we do have dinners with my parents on weekday nights (when we pick Aly), I am often exhausted by the time I reach their house and we are always in a rush to leave to head home to wash up, put Aly to bed and get some rest ourselves. So it’s nice to be able to spend some quality time with them on a Saturday morning!

Aly obviously really enjoys their company too! Here’s a picture of them, which was taken at my place after breakfast!


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