Aly and Binki Bear

I bought Aly Binki bear ($24.90) from one of my favourite websites, pupsik studio. Binki bear has got a really cute face and what I love about it is that it is just the right size for Aly! It comes in a cheery yellow bag along with a pacifier and a teether.


Yes Binki bear is special because its left hand comes with a loop that allows you to loop a pacifier around it. It apparently works with almost all types of pacifiers without an adaptor. I had no problems looping my own pacifier around it’s hand although what I do not like about the design is that you most likely cannot avoid touching the silicon part of the pacifier when looping. I like the idea of looping the pacifier on the bear though. It helps baby locate the pacifier so hopefully once Aly is able to put the pacifier back into her mouth on her own, she will be able to self-soothe and I will have a much easier life! It also hopefully means less time spent digging for the pacifier in the diaper bag and less chances of dropping the pacifier.

Also, when weaning the baby off the pacifier, the bear is supposed to serve as a source of comfort during the process to help baby transition better (I sure hope so!)

I’m also glad it’s machine washable since Aly loves putting parts of the bear into her mouth!

Look at how happy Aly is with her new toy! I’m so glad that she loves it 🙂