August Day 22 – Home

I’m currently homeless and staying at a serviced apartment while waiting for renovations to be completed at my new place. The first week was particularly difficult. After all, we had minimal stuff with us and the space we have is really tiny!

But we have more or less gotten used to the new space and life is like before, and in fact, we have just as much fun. So I’ve learnt that home can be anywhere, so long as you are with loved ones. It is what you make it out to be.

Home is where the heart is (yes I’m
The queen of cliches).

Picture of the day shall be a picture of all the wardrobe space we have in our makeshift home.


August Day 21 – Cool

When I saw the word “cool”, an image of ice cold beer popped into my head. I don’t look like the sort who would like a can of beer on a hot afternoon but actually I AM that sort. Since I’m still nursing I try to stay away from alcoholic drinks but decided on one date night to indulge in some apple cider. Absolutely enjoyed it!


August Day 20 – Today

I have been terrible towards my photoaday commitment but I’m trying to restart it!

And what better way to start than with the word “today”.

Today we went back to Bayshore to finish up our packing. Our two years of living at Bayshore have been packed into 30 storage boxes, all ready for the movers on Thursday, before we handover our keys.

Like I previously mentioned, we chose every single tile at our place and my favourite tiles have got to be the tiles in this bathroom. I love that blue mosaic wall behind the shower, that blue and black combi and the texture of the black tiles (u can’t see it from the picture but there are checked 3d designs on the black tiles). I also love the rain shower and the space in that bathroom.

But today, would be the last time I take a shower in that favourite bathroom of mine! 😦