Stroller Review: Combi Well Comfort Stroller

This super lightweight stroller is a hand me down and has served me really well!

Things I like about the combi well comfort stroller:

  1. Weighing at only 4.3kg (means it’s lighter than Aly!), it is super lightweight and very manageable when I am out with Aly alone. Since Aly was 6 weeks old, I have brought her out on my own with the stroller. It is so light that I am able to carry her in one hand and haul the stroller in and out of a taxi boot with the other. Although I much prefer my manduca carrier these days when I bring her out alone, I still appreciate the well comfort stroller especially if I am out for meals. At least Aly is able to nap comfortably and I am able to have my meal without having to worry about dripping sauce or food on her (when she’s in a carrier).
  2. The size of the stroller means i am able to manoeuvre narrow aisles/spaces quite effortlessly. I also have higher chances of fitting into crowded lifts!
  3. The canopy is able to extend all the way down. This is helpful during nap times. There is also a flap which you can open so that you can spy on the little one even while pushing the stroller.
  4. The handle is reversible so you can choose to have the baby face you or face the direction the stroller is moving in. This is great for newborns. In fact, I am still thankful for this because Aly does get bouts of separation anxiety from time to time. She is quite happy when she is able to see me pushing the stroller.
  5. The stroller can be used for babies from one month old because it can recline fully.

The not-so-great things about the stroller:

  1. The seat is rather short and narrow. At 4 months old, Aly already almost takes up the whole length of the seat. Soon, her legs will be dangling out of the stroller. I’m waiting to see how long it can last me before Aly outgrows the stroller.
  2. It can be quite rickety especially when going over rough surfaces. The small wheels tend to get caught in drain openings, holes in pavements etc. But then again, I would say it’s more of a “shopping mall stroller” rather than an outdoor stroller. I have to point out though that because of the size of the wheels, they may get caught on escalators (the part where the step reaches the end of the escalator and when the stroller should naturally glide over the slight bump, onto the floor). It has happened to me once when Aly was sleeping in the stroller and I am now rather paranoid about getting on escalators. However, I have learnt that the trick is to tip the stroller slightly over the bump instead of expecting it to glide naturally from the escalator step to the floor.
  3. It has a really really small basket (that might as well not be there). It is also not that accessible and many times I just give up trying to put something in.
  4. Although the handle is reversible, when you push the stroller with baby facing you, you look like you are in a drunken stupor because of the wheels. This is because the back wheels (that do not swivel) now become the front wheels. As a result, it only works well if you move in a straight line (which isn’t possible). But I have to say with some practice, it is manageable.
  5. It is not advisable to hang your stroller bag on the stroller handlebar because the stroller will most likely topple over once you carry the baby out of the stroller (but hey, you can’t expect so much from a lightweight stroller!). I do hang some of my light shopping, and sometimes my handbag on the hooks I attach onto the handlebar though.

The truth is I really like the stroller a lot and we have found ourselves bringing this out more than our peg perego, especially because Aly doesn’t seem to like sitting in strollers very much these days (so we don’t feel so silly lugging around a heavy stroller which is not used). Of course, ultimately the stroller you choose would depend on many factors, and it is important to consider what your priorities are before making the purchase.

Here’s the official combi YouTube video of the combi well comfort stroller.