The Two Walls

I remember typing this blog post and feeling really excited about the industrial theme we had in mind. The biggest change we made to the apartment is this wall in the dining room, which is the wall leading in from the main door. It was supposed to have been concealed storage space, but we realised that building storage along the wall would add bulk and make the walkway to the living room a lot narrower (imagine dining table with chairs on the left, and concealed storage space on the right as you enter from the front door). So as my interior designer and ys and I sat on our empty apartment floor thinking that weekend in September, we came up with the idea of a feature wall with some shelving for display of knick-knacks. To be in line with our new industrial theme, we decided on a cement screed wall and to break the monotony of the grey wall, which could be overpowering, we incorporated a brick wall into the idea. But because we are not quite fans of everything conventional, we decided we would make a stepped brick wall, which was an idea derived from a lovely design of stairs, which I saw on an interior design website (I’m sorry but I forgot the name of the website and therefore am unable to attribute a source).

This is the end result.


On the shelves (from top right) 1) an owl which i couldnt resist buying, from Typo 2) the letters J-O-Y, also from Typo, which I used during our family shoot last July, and which are also featured in my blog header, 3) nesting dolls from The Little Drom Store, 4) a lego Maersk Line container ship which YS built (also a Christmas present from me), 5) a “Live Laugh Love” block from Mono Yono, which serves as a reminder to do these three things every single day and 6) gifts from friends including a pretty little prince postcard, a wedding gift from Goods of Desire and a wooden musical box from Italy. All my favourite things! This also has got to be my favourite wall in the house.

Just directly opposite this wall is the wall just beside the dining table. This wall hangs three posters which we ordered online from kwerkee. This is one of our favourite websites for (as the name suggests) quirky stuff which are sourced from all over the world. The posters feature A to Z pictorial depictions of 1980s films, 1990s films and 2000s films. Imagine the A to Z poster which is used to teach kids and which usually has an accompanying picture, for example A for Apple. The letters here represent the first word of a movie from the 1980s, or 1990s or 2000s. We have not compiled a list of all the movies (some are really tough) but I think YL has come quite close to guessing most of them and has even started an answer sheet (thanks YL!). One of my best buys on Kwerkee!


So there you go! Two of my favourite walls in the home (for now) 🙂

Scandi Industrial Chic

The title sums up the theme for our new home.

We started off wanting a white palette with pops of colour and some light wood to give off the scandi vibe. The idea was along the lines of fun, cosy and quirky. So we started putting in place a design with our interior designer and was already close to finalizing the design before we had gotten our keys.

But a visit to Make Room, this shop I had previously blogged about, kinda ignited our love for industrial design. There was something about the rawness and simplicity of the look that appealed to both of us. We liked almost every other piece of furniture in that showroom. We spammed our interior designer with pictures of all the pieces we liked from that shop and was hoping to somehow fit all of those into our initial theme. But our initial design didn’t sit well with all the furniture pieces we liked, which left us a little disappointed.

But when we visited our apartment two weekends ago, together with our interior designer, we had to tweak our initial design because we realised that the floor plan we had was not drawn to scale! Somehow the floor plan made the apartment looked a lot bigger than it actually was. 😦 Since we had to tweak the design anyway, three of us brainstormed at the actual site and decided to change the entire theme by going for a more industrial look instead!

So just like that, in two hours, we threw the design we had been working on and obsessing about for weeks, out of the window, and settled for something that left all three of us very excited and enthusiastic about! All because of that trip to Make Room!! There is no doubt that we will be getting a few things from the shop but I thought I should share this great find with everyone!

They do provide styling services as well. I must say that their service is impeccable. I was attended to by Geraldine (who is both a designer and a sales person) and she was most helpful in providing the information we required both at the showroom and over emails. When I asked if I could take photos, there was no hesitation and in fact, I was encouraged to take photos so I could consider my choices! How refreshing is that, given that most shops that sell furniture pieces in singapore would not allow any photography.

Ys and I are really thankful that we made the trip to Make Room and we are now really really excited about our new home!

Presenting the pictures I took at Make Room!