Huggies baby club

My husband diligently signed me up as a member of the Huggies baby club when I was pregnant. Membership is free and you will be sent updates/newsletters from time to time via email. One other perk is that you get to request for free samples of Huggies diapers for various stages of your baby’s growth.

Free samples were sent to me according to the estimated due date of the baby that was registered on the Huggies website. I received samples of diapers for newborns after I delivered and that was quite a pleasant surprise. Today something else came in the mail from Huggies – various types of m sized diapers (including a waterproof diaper for swims!).

I also like that the samples come in these reusable zip lock bags which I use to store an extra change of clothes or diapers so as to keep the diaper bag more organised.

A visit to the Huggies website today shows that they are currently not entertaining any requests for samples but do watch that space for further updates!