September Day 12 – Together

I love my charm bracelet and how it looks when the charms and glass beads are strung together. The first three are bought for me by ys from a shop in murano, Venice on our honeymoon. I fell in love with those glass beads the moment I set my eyes on them! The next three are from E, for my 28th birthday. The last one which is a pram charm was a very special gift from my younger sister when Aly was born. I love the meaning behind each glass bead and charm and the fact that they all represent important points in my life.


September Day 11 – Hero

Ever since I was really little, I thought of my dad as a hero.

I have very fond memories of my childhood because of him. He used to take me to Wisma at orchard almost every other Saturday afternoon. And because it was so expensive to park in town, we would take a train. And my happiest moments are those when he carried me on his shoulder as we watched the colourful fishes in the aquarium around the bubble lifts.

This is the same guy who drove to my kindergarten during his lunchtime just to watch me take my snack at recess time, from behind the pillars. Just to make sure I was doing fine. He told me about this when I was older and I could still see the pride in his eyes when he told me how he was really proud of me because I was so independent and sociable.

This is also the same guy who woke up early every single morning to send me to school, so that I wouldn’t have to wake up early to wait for the school bus. And I remember in the evenings when school ended when I was in primary school, we would line up at the school porch for the national anthem and school song and announcements, and I would look over my shoulder to try to spot my dad, and he would always be waiting outside the school gates, with his arms folded but giving me the biggest smile.

The chauffeuring has never stopped. And even now, when I’m already a mother, he still says to me “be careful when you cross the roads”, “be careful when you drive”.

I think i’ll always be his little girl and he will always be my hero.


September Day 10 – Black + White

We have been furniture shopping and looking out for quirky accessories for our new home.

And we stumbled upon a gem yesterday! It’s Make Room started by a Dutch lady just about three months back. It occupies just one unit at an industrial building and I was rather taken aback when I entered the shop because it looked quite empty. But I liked almost every other thing in the shop! Expect to find quirky pieces that will definitely sit well with homes which are going for the industrial look.

I couldn’t but help snap a few pictures and this was one of my favourites.


Make room is located at:
1200 Depot Road
Singapore 109675

September Day 9 – Something you do most weekends

There’s something about Singaporeans and food. We love eating and we spend a lot of time hunting down good food.

So that’s what we do most weekends -EAT. And by that I mean we treat ourselves to a good meal at a nice cafe or restaurant.

This week’s pick was Pizzeria Mozza at marina bay sands. And let’s just say I was highly impressed, both by the food and the service. We had such a great experience there that we will definitely return to try the highly recommended burrata cheese and other pizzas!


September Day 8 – At night

Initially I thought of skipping day 8’s topic, which is why I didn’t post anything yesterday but oh well I’ve changed my mind.

As most of my friends and people who read my blog would know, I nurse Aly to sleep. This terrible sleep association I’ve cultivated means that I’m left with very little time to myself at night. Most of the time I just blog while I nurse her. Hence I thought there really isn’t much to say about the topic “at night”.

But whilst I lament all the time that I dont have time to do what I want at night, I must say that I really do treasure the time we have just before bedtime. It’s nice to have her lie so close to me, to cuddle her and watch her as she drifts off to sleep. It’s especially precious because it’s the only quality time I get to spend with her on a weekday, after a day’s work. As much as I can’t wait to break her bad sleep habits, I’m also sure I’ll miss these times.


September Day 7 – Natural

One of my favourite pictures taken on my travels – a picture of Flinders Lane in Melbourne. No filters, no cropping, no edits. The picture as I took it in July 2011, during my babymoon. That was my second time there.

I fell in love with that lane the first time a friend brought me there for brunch. It was the first time I tasted eggs Benedict. This was in 2008. I could never forget the charm of the lane, lined with cafes that serve the most amazing coffee and shops selling knick knacks. at the end of the lane stood walls which were coloured with graffiti art. Just one of those places you don’t forget.


September Day 6 – Everyday

Everyday for the last 5 months, we drop Aly off at my mum’s place or my in-laws’ place before ys drops me at work and heads off to work himself. It is indeed a challenge to have to shower, get dressed, pack what is needed for Aly as well as my pumps and stuff, have breakfast and get everyone out of the house in time so we dont get to work late. Every single morning is a mad race against time.

Every single night we bring Aly home after dinner, and we get back just in time to put her to bed. And the whole routine repeats.

Most people would think we are silly and that there is no need to tire ourselves out like that. But it is important to me that we don’t become weekend parents to Aly. I am not judging here. Of course parents who leave their kids overnight at their caregivers’ homes may have their reasons and I am in no position to judge. But for us, we live close enough to bring her home every single night, and there is no reason why we shouldn’t, even if it means that we have to sacrifice some sleep with this arrangement. In any case, I think all is worth it when I see her huge grin that greets me every single morning.

Here is a picture of her looking pensively out of the car window. Everyday, I will steal a few glances at her from the front passenger seat, on our way to grandma’s. Everyday I marvel at how she has grown.