September Day 4 – In my mailbox

Ok this didn’t exactly come through my mailbox, but oh well it came through the post nevertheless!

It’s a diaper bag from Tribe! I finally succumbed to temptation and placed my order last week. I’m loving the cheery raspberry colour and the soft buttery leather. Love it love it love it!



Diaper bag review Part 1: Skip Hop Dash

I have a grand total of 3 diaper bags and 1 diaper clutch and no… I’m not a diaper bagaholic. 3 of them were gifts. Thankfully, they are all very different and each serve its own purpose.

So here’s part 1 of a 4 part series review of my diaper bags and I shall start with the skip hop dash diaper bag, which was a gift from a friend. I use this when I bring Aly out on my own because 1) it’s pink and I like pink, 2) it’s really light and 3) it’s just the right size for a half day shopping trip/afternoon tea/lunch or dinner with friends.


The skip hop dash is a messenger style bag that is the perfect accessory for a practical mom. With 11 compartments, you can keep your belongings organized and never have to fret about not being able to find something when the baby is wailing.


It also comes with a matching diaper changing mat that can be folded and fits nicely in the compartment at the back of the bag. Design wise, there’s a huge selection of designs you can choose from, ranging from plain solid muted colours to bright mod designs like the one I have.


I’ve tried to carry a couple of diaper bags when I was hunting around for one and I’m pretty sure this is one of the lightest in the market (those diaper bags that look like handbags are usually a lot heavier). Trust me, a lightweight diaper bag is important especially if you are likely to be out alone with baby (read: no husband to carry diaper bag for you) without the stroller.

The dash, like other skip hop diaper bags, have these shuttle clips that allow you to clip the bag onto any stroller with ease so the bag hangs nicely from the stroller.


I also like that the bag features magnetic closures (other than a zippered compartment for personal belongings). This allows easy access to the compartments so that you can reach for that pacifier or handkerchief with ease, which is particularly useful when you’re carrying the baby with the other arm. This is a bit more challenging with bags that come with zippered compartments.

What do I not like about the bag? There may be 11 compartments but due to the size of the bag, once you fill up one compartment, there will be little or no space left in the adjacent compartment. There are also no insulated compartments. Im not really complaining though because roomier and insulated compartments would have compromised on the size and weight of the bag. I guess one cannot ask for the best of both worlds. One thing that gets to me though, is that when I carry the bag on my shoulder (instead of slinging crossbody) the bag slips off quite frequently. This is especially so when I carry the baby in a soft structured baby carrier and cannot sling the bag crossbody. I am guessing a tote bag would not give me the same problems. The magnetic closures on the flap of the bag are also not very strong and I often have trouble keeping the bag closed properly if I have too many things in the bag.

Verdict: this is the perfect bag for moms who would bring baby out on their own or for that half day outing. May be a bit too small for babies who are formula fed because of the need to carry bottles, for moms who practise cloth diapering or when the baby is older and starts on solids and requires a couple of toys to keep him/her entertained. Overall, I’m happy with the bag!

Dimensions: 12.25″ wide x 11.5″ high x 4.25″ deep

Number of pockets: 11 (2 on the front of the bag ideal for packets of tissues, handkerchiefs, pacifier; 2 at the sides of the bag, ideal for bottles or foldable umbrellas; 3 pockets on the inside of the bag, which are good for diapers, burp cloths, wetbags and other misc items; 2 tiny side pockets on the inside of the bag (which are pretty useless in my view, especially if you have placed bottles in the adjacent side compartments); 1 zippered compartment for personal belongings;1 pocket on the back of the bag for the folded diaper changing mat).

Diaper changing mat: yes

Price: S$129.90 on baby online store