Aly has a new friend

I have been out and about a lot more these days, as I get more comfortable with bringing Aly out on my own. It is definitely still a challenge and I especially fear aly’s cranky moods (read: incessant crying for no reason). But I have always been pretty determined to not allow baby affect my social life too much, which means I try to get out as much as possible.

Today’s the second time I brought Aly out to meet a friend with a six month old daughter and Aly was quite excited about her new friend (or so the moms insisted). I’ve always been curious about how babies would interact with each other, like do they really have a special baby language and do they actually understand each other? Truth is I think they don’t really give a damn about each other. Haha. Not until they are older anyway. Even though Aly and kyra were laughing and cooing away, I think they were more amused by their Mom’s excited faces than anything else. In fact I’m sure we were also a source of entertainment for the servers at the cafe we were at. Imagine two moms insisting their babies look at and talk to each other. Talk about weird.

In any case, it was great exchanging parenting tips and experiences and I was glad to know that I am not alone in many ways. I’m definitely looking forward to more outings like this!

Such support groups are important, I feel, especially for first time moms. The transition is definitely not easy and it helps to know that you’re not the only one who has to deal with a fussy baby or an incompetent confinement lady or breastfeeding issues. It’s a pity I didn’t manage to find or join a birth club. I only read after I delivered that the best way to start your own birth club is to approach your classmates at your pre- natal class since all of you are probably going to be due around the same time and have about at least four to six classes to get to know one another better. My session at gleneagles was more of a classroom setting rather than an interactive one, which probably explains why being the shy Singaporeans we are, I never spoke a word to the moms in my class. So if you have yet to attend your pre-natal classes, remember this piece of advice and take the step forward to start your own birth club!