Forum shopping mall nursing room

location: near the washrooms on level one (known as the mothers’ room)

facilities: two nursing cubicles (each with one diaper changing station), an extra armchair and a sink.

nursing cubicle: partitioned by a curtain from the main room. includes an armchair, electric sockets and a diaper changing station. personal belongings can be placed on the lower rack of the diaper changing station. The cubicle on the right of the entrance to the mothers’ room is bigger and should be able to fit a mid sized stroller. The cubicle facing the entrance is smaller and stroller may have to be placed outside the curtained area.

pros: Cosy ambience. Diaper changing can take place in the privacy of the nursing cubicle.

cons: curtain partitions mean less privacy and I can imagine some moms may feel uneasy given that there are no hooks on the ends of the curtain (to prevent someone outside from opening the curtain) and even after adjusting the curtain, there is still a gap at one end of the curtain. The placement of the diaper changing units in the nursing cubicles also means that a mum wanting to only change the diaper may not be able to do so if the nursing cubicles are occupied. There is no sign saying men are not allowed but it seems to be implied from the name of the room. No water dispenser. can get rather cold.

overall: cosy but the space is rather small. Would have expected better amenities given that forum houses quite a number of shops targeted at young kids.

rating: 2.5/5