Woods in the Books

I stumbled upon a gem when we dropped by Millenia Walk last weekend. I’ve always had a thing for bookshops and there was no way I could have missed a shop with a name like “woods in the books” and with a window display that looked like this.

The place is what childhood dreams are made of! Whimsical drawings fill the white washed walls, mobiles hang from the ceiling, and everywhere you turn, you find a nice surprise. The shop stocks picture books suitable for all age groups and it looks like there is something for everyone in the family, just waiting to be discovered.

I loved the alphabet buntings which I think I will get for Aly’s new room, the totes with cute prints, reprints of graphics by mike foo (co-owner of the book shop) and lovely lamps designed by him! I’m very very tempted to get the wooden standing lamp actually.

Definitely returning to get stuff for my new home!

Millenia Walk
9 Raffles boulevard

What do you want to be when you grow up?

When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up, I wrote down “happy”. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life. -John Lennon-

Reminds me of the time that I was asked during a scholarship interview “where do u see yourself in 10 years’ time?”, to which I replied “happily married with kids” or something along those lines. My interviewer laughed and said that’s the most original answer she’s ever had. Well, I obviously did not ace that scholarship!


Goodbye Bayshore

Today was a particularly emotional day for ys and myself.

We moved out of Bayshore into our serviced apartment. That wasn’t the plan initially. The plan was to check in and move some stuff over first and only move in next weekend since our sale completion is not until the third week of August. So no packing was done before this morning. In fact we took a good break from all the packing yesterday and stayed out the entire day!

As we started packing a little bit more this morning, we started considering if we should move today instead. The place was getting awfully dusty with all the packing and we were actually quite ready to move.

But we made all the excuses for ourselves, like maybe we would forget some stuff and maybe it’s better to move middle of the week etc etc. but really deep down we just couldn’t bear to move, as dusty and as messy the place has become. Cos we knew that moving out today means we would be moving out for good, since all our daily necessities would have been shifted to the serviced apartment. But we decided that we shall be rational about it and move today since we wouldn’t want Aly to fall ill from all the dust.

And so we did.

Three car rides (with bags and bags of stuff) and six hours later, we unpacked everything we needed for the next two months at our temporary apartment.

Aly didn’t even get to say goodbye to Bayshore because we left her at my mother in law’s. Our life at Bayshore kinda just ended like that, rather abruptly. Yes we will still be going back there to pack. But it is no longer the same. It’s no longer a home. I never knew it would be so emotional and difficult for both ys and myself.

But oh well that’s life isn’t it. We have to move on. I’m only hoping we will settle down at this new place and get used to living out of suitcases and in a shoebox apartment soon! In the meantime, we can only look forward to our new place, our new home.

Here are some pics of the tiny little serviced apartment.

Our pathetic looking dining table.


Our kitchenette which is thankfully quite well stocked.


Our bedroom (which doubles up as the living area – I know right, how very sad)


Our wardrobe for the next two months. I think Aly has the most clothes among the three of us!



Some days I wish we could go back to days when we lived without smartphones. When all of us spent less time doing things that didn’t matter and spent more quality time with people who matter. I really miss those days when there was so much more to say, when everyone made an effort to meet up, when letters and notes were written, when things were simple.

My little sister

My little (ok she’s not ThAT little) sister got proposed to today and I am so so so happy for her! Super excited about her wedding already. Haha.

Congratulations my dear sis. Gorgeous rock you have there. Haha.

Open house

We started with the first round of open house today and the response was not too bad! Six groups came to view the place and I think at least two groups were pretty interested.

One lady commented when she found out that we have only been staying here for less than two years, that it’s a pity we have to let it go so soon cos its a nice place. Haha. Funny that should come from a prospective buyer.

It’s true though.

Ys and I love this place and of course it’s special because it’s after all our first home. When we viewed the place, it was worn out and gross looking, but we saw the potential in the place and decided to just hack away all the old bits and transformed it into the place it is today. It’s not a particularly huge place and neither does it have classy expensive furnishing. It’s just simply done up but it’s a cosy place I would say. And ys and I are both very proud of this first home we have put together. It is indeed a pity to have to let it go but I guess it will just be as exciting to do up our new place. This time it’s also just as special because our plans will involve Aly.

We are scheduled for a few viewings tmr and I hope at least one of them would be good!