In love with hadasity

I have always been a fan of all things shiny, and in particular coloured stones. I have also always had a thing for handmade accessories. I love the idea that every piece is unique and one of a kind, and I recognise and acknowledge the effort that goes into each piece of art.

Unfortunately I have never been much of a fashionista and I am just too unmotivated to put on additional accessories or find accessories to match my attire before I head out. In fact I always have the same diamond stud earrings and pendant on. The only accessories on my hands are my wedding ring and my engagement ring! So I’ve stopped looking at accessories for a really long time, until I stumbled on hadasity.

A passion turned business started by two sisters, their handcrafted accessories are absolutely gorgeous! They have these stunning statement necklaces which will probably jazz up any outfit effortlessly and these lovely cuffs in various designs and with various coloured stones. I even love the names they come up with for all their pieces!

So anyway, I finally succumbed to temptation and bought something from them for my sister as her belated birthday present. And I was so impressed! It came in a cheery wrapper with a pink bow, and a note for both me and my sister. The note in the package was something that I indicated that I would like included (free of charge) but I was impressed because on top of that, there was a handwritten note for me with my name drawn in a cute design. How thoughtful is that?


This is the piece I picked for my sister – Somewhere out there (yes that’s the name of the cuff design). Love it!! I think I need to buy something for myself! 🙂


September Day 4 – In my mailbox

Ok this didn’t exactly come through my mailbox, but oh well it came through the post nevertheless!

It’s a diaper bag from Tribe! I finally succumbed to temptation and placed my order last week. I’m loving the cheery raspberry colour and the soft buttery leather. Love it love it love it!



Proenza Schouler PS1 Medium Satchel

There are days when I feel slightly more frivolous. Today is one of those days. So be forewarned that this is going to be one of those bimbotic frivolous posts.

I’m going to be talking about a new bag which I just acquired about two months back. Yes I’m sure by now most people about my irrational obsession with buttery leather bags and gold hardware. It’s irrational but it does make me happy so yup I do indulge once in a (I would like to think, long) while. Given that I just bought my balenciaga classic town bag in February, I kinda declared to my colleague that I WILL NOT buy another bag this year. Most.definitely.not.

I had to eat my words the very next day because I ended up heading to the reebonz sale and setting my eyes on THE bag which I have been eyeing for some time, in a colour which I love (orchid, which is a purplish fuschia colour). I was missing a fun, bright coloured bag so this obviously fit the bill (no pun intended)..

It’s a satchel and what I love most about it is how light the weight of the bag is (I know I also said this about the balenciaga town). But weight is really an important consideration now that I have a baby (whose weight is the same as a huge sack of rice) to grapple with!

It’s also great because there’s an adjustable shoulder strap which allows me to wear it both cross body or just slung on one shoulder and the bag would hang at just the right height ie just at the hip bone, which is perfect for me. The balenciaga town unfortunately ends slightly below the hips and I find that a tad uncomfortable sometimes, so I prefer to double loop for that and just sling it on one shoulder. There is also a braided top handle for the ps1 which means you can carry it like a briefcase or have it slung on your arm. Very versatile!

Another feature which i love about this bag is the numerous compartments, which is great for me since i can never find stuff from my bag (ys claims that bags eat up my stuff). It’s also easy to reach for things since its convenient to “unbuckle” the bag and lift the flap up – definitely can be done with one hand. I also like that the bag is very roomy and I have managed to fit a book, an umbrella, my long purse, a coin pouch, a key pouch, my phone and blackberry, and other misc stuff in there before, all with much ease.

Been using it for about two months now and never once regretted my buy. Love it to bits! Oh and I suspect Aly too!

Love the gorgeous colour and the gold hardware:

Roomy compartments:


View from the back:


Cute tag:


My leap year present

1) Because today happens only once in every four years, I wanted it to be special.

2) Because I now have a baby and need a crossbody bag to keep myself hands free.

3) Because I deserve a push present (from myself).

4) Because I don’t have a lightweight casual weekend bag.

The reasons I bought myself a new balenciaga classic town bag in cobalt blue. (all the excuses women come up with just to get a new bag. Haha)

Anyway I finally succumbed to temptation when I saw the bag on a fashion blog. The casual chic look of balenciaga is not every girl’s kinda thing but it is soooo my kinda thing. I have a really soft spot for balenciaga (sigh).

I love the tassels (much to the bewilderment of my mom and my husband). I love the slouchy and distressed look of the leather. I love the bright but easy to match colour of cobalt blue (everyone needs a blue bag). I love the buttery luscious leather. I love how it jazzes up a weekend outfit so effortlessly. I love how you can wear it in so many ways- crossbody, shoulder sling (by doing a double loop) and slung on the arm. I love how light it is and how it is a perfect size (it’s bigger than the classic first but smaller than the classic city) for my weekend essentials. Anyway, I love it to bits!!

I am one happy woman on this 29th February 2012. Now if someone asks me in 2016 what i did the last leap year, I’m sure i would remember!! I dragged my mum to balenciaga with me (complete with cranky baby, diaper bag and stroller) to get myself my leap year present!!


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