{Foodie Fridays} – Rabbit Carrot Gun

Yes, that’s the name of a cafe. With a name like Rabbit Carrot Gun, it’s hard not to be curious about what it has to offer. Have I also mentioned that its only a five minute drive from my place? I was still lamenting that there is a lack of English brunch places in the east a couple of weeks back. So imagine how pleased I was to find out about newly opened Rabbit Carrot Gun, which occupies a shophouse space along east coast road.

We were there for brunch so I only looked at the weekend brunch menu.

Being the boring predictable person I am, I ended up with the Eggs Pacifico (poached eggs with smoked salmon served with homemade hollandaise sauce) and YS ended up with the Game keepers Shooting Breakfast (which is really a mix of everything – choice of eggs, sausages, toast, mushrooms and bacon). Not quite a kid-friendly menu with names like these. Haha.



The food was decent. In fact, I think they did a good job with the poached eggs and the hollandaise sauce. Ys also liked his scrambled eggs (hey, scrambled eggs have the potential to go really wrong ok). But somehow, I wasn’t too excited about the food. Don’t get me wrong, they didn’t taste bad but nothing stood out and nothing called out to me. Coffee was a disappointment though.

YS and I agreed that we will give their lunch or dinner menu another shot though! They seem to have a rather extensive menu that features rather interesting items. So we will definitely go back!

Food aside, I liked the vibe of the cafe. It has a quirky laidback English style. There are retro looking furnishings throughout the shop, including the old school motorcycle ride, which now stands outside the cafe. I also liked that the owner retained certain features of the old shophouse, including the flooring. The result is a charming and rustic interior.

I truly enjoyed my Saturday morning at Rabbit Carrot Gun. It was peaceful and quiet and it does help that i love the katong neighborhood. And at least they have high chairs for kids and tables are placed far apart enough for a family to fit a stroller. In any case, there is outdoor seating as well (with ceiling fans above, yay).

Oh, and above the restaurant are 7 gorgeous (from the pictures I see online) boutique suites! So it’s really a bed and breakfast. I would stay there if I were a tourist!

Sharing a few pictures I took that morning.









Just a little tip, (parallel) parking can be found along Ceylon Road or Marshall Road. If there are no lots, park at Katong Shopping Centre and take a five minute walk.

Rabbit Carrot Gun
49 East Coast Road
Singapore 428768

Chasing away monday blues at Homebodies

I finally checked out homebodies during lunch today.

And I am glad I did.

It’s difficult to find a nice quiet place in raffles place. At least now I know there is somewhere I can go to when I need some peace and quiet (may not stay this way for long), and my caffeine fix.

Hidden away on the second level of a shophouse, the signage probably will not even call out to a passerby. But once you make your way up the stairs, the cosy coffee joint greets you through a huge piece of glass.

They have a simple no-frills menu. Coffee is either white or black, with varying sizes for each. I got myself the 8oz white (S$5). It was a little too milky for my liking but anyhow, I liked it and was a happy soul after the cuppa.

Food-wise, it only serves hot dogs. You get a choice of original (S$8.50), wagyu (S$10) or kurobuta (S$10) . $1 top up for the brioche or sunflower seed panini (instead of the original hot dog bun). I’m a huge fan of hot dogs so this menu worked for me.

Decor is minimalistic and stylish with lots of wood accents. The result is a cosy and inviting space which feels almost like home. Seems to me a perfect place to read a book, have a cuppa and enjoy the gorgeous view of the Singapore river.

Pictures probably can tell a better story.






60A Boat Quay, 2nd floor
Singapore 049848

A photograph. A story.

“Take a moment to ask yourself what a portrait means to you. is it just a picture, or is it some small aspect of a person’s story that reflects a story of their life? assuredly there’s merit in nice-looking pictures, but a photographic portrait, a photograph of life, offers so much more. the difference can be subtle, but the impact is huge. a photographic portrait tells a story; it sings, it whispers, it’s something far beyond nice.” –Rachel Devine

This picture was taken on Aly’s first birthday. We spent a day at Sentosa’s underwater world and the admission tickets included tickets to the dolphin show. Aly woke up from her nap to find dolphins performing just a few meters away from her. And she got really really excited! She was waving her arms in the air and letting out her signature “Ooohs…” as she sat contented on ys’ lap. And at one point, she turned to face me and broke into a huge grin.

I pressed the shutter in time, and managed to catch that precious moment.

Now, whenever we look at this picture, we will be reminded of that happy day when we celebrated Aly’s first birthday together as a family. The picture has captured that gummy grin, and the way she wrinkles her nose when she gets excited. A picture like this is priceless and is one of my favourite portraits of Aly to date. It’s a picture that tells a story.


Our Top 3 Eats in Hong Kong

We were in Hong Kong two months ago for a quick getaway and if you ask me, we were really just there to eat, rest and catch up with friends. Erm ok actually I think we were eating more than anything else. When asked by YL what we wanted to eat, we told her our criteria – so long as it is cheap and good, anything goes! Almost everything we ate in those four days were good, but if I were to blog about every meal we had, it will probably take me hours, so here are our top 3 picks from the 30 meals (ok, I’m exaggerating) we had in the four days.

1) Milk tea and French Toast from Lan Fong Yuen (2 Gage Street, Central, Hong Kong)

Maybe it’s because it was my first HK meal, or maybe it’s because I fell in love with the charming tea cafe (char chan teng) which made me feel like I walked right into a HK drama set. It is a small establishment with no more than maybe 12 tables (you have to share your tables in these char chan tengs so don’t be too shocked if someone just plonks down on the seat beside you). The milk tea is truly unforgettable and the french toast was all buttery crispy and eggy goodness.

To-die-for french toastImage

The very old school shopfront. Apparently, you can order a milk tea and sit at the counter on one of those stools!


2) Beef brisket noodles from Kau Kee (21 Gough Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong)

If there was only meal you could have in Hong Kong, we would highly recommend Kau Kee beef brisket noodles. Apparently, everyone who has tried it so far has been toying with the idea of packing it back to Singapore! I don’t think I will do the noodles any justice if I were to describe the taste, but suffice to say, it is VERY VERY GOOD. There’s the clear broth and the curry version. I would say, go for the curry one! It’s YS’ favourite meal in Hong Kong! Do note that they are closed on Sundays though!


Beef brisket noodles in clear broth


3) Char siew (BBQ pork) buns from Tim Ho Wan (Shop 12A, Hong Kong Station (Podium Level 1, IFC Mall) Central)

It’s probably the cheapest one Michelin star restaurant you would ever find! It’s the perfect place to stop by when you arrive at Hong Kong Station on the airport express. The only thing that you HAVE to order from this place are the BBQ pork buns. They come in threes, but trust me when I say you won’t be able to stop at one. I can cross my heart and say that it’s the best bbq pork buns I’ve ever tasted! Just do yourself a favour and pack a few of those buns for takeaway if you really cannot get a seat.

Awesome bbq pork bunsImage


All this blogging is making me really hungry! I need to visit Hong Kong again soooooooon! YL and Thad, thanks for sharing these great eats with us!

New Year’s Day at Marina Barrage

We spent our new year kite flying (or rather, attempting to fly a kite) at marina barrage. It’s really a great place for a family outing for the following reasons 1) parking is free, 2) free entrance, 3) lots of open space for the kids to run about, 4) it’s really windy and 5) the view is gorgeous from the rooftop. As today was a public holiday, the place was PACKED with people who were there for a family picnic, kite flying or simply just admiring the colourful kites and superb view.

We arrived only in the evening because the weather would be much cooler (there’s no shelter on the rooftop) and headed straight to buy a kite (with an angelfish design) from a shop located on the ground floor at marina barrage. Just a tip though, it’s probably a better idea to purchase your kite before you head over. The designs of kites sold onsite are limited and prices are probably marked up. A friend recommended Passion Kites to me. The prices of the kites on this website are almost half of what we paid for our kite!

So anyway, it’s our first time flying a kite. Even my parents, who were with us, have zero experience in kite flying. So we spent about 30 minutes tugging and throwing the kite with all our might into the air, laughing at our failed attempts and basically trying to get our kite to fly. After a really really long time, we finally managed to get the kite up! I was holding onto the kite line when it happened and it was really an exciting moment for me. Somehow at that instance, I just intuitively knew when to tug and when to let go and the kite just went higher and higher and we were all super excited! Even Aly was excited and could identify HER (she’s at this stage where she claims everything belongs to her) kite in the sky. It was a pity that our kite got entangled with a few other kites and it’s time in the sky was rather short-lived. But we had a lot of fun and will most definitely return! In fact, I would say kite flying is rather therapeutic! I’m sure Aly will love it even more when she’s older.

It was also quite a sight because the sky was filled with kites in all shapes, colours and sizes. My favourite has got to be this huge purple teddy bear kite!

Here’s our day in pictures:

The colourful kites against the blue blue sky


30 minutes of tugging and throwing…


Success! Our kite is the pink one right in the middle of the top of the picture.


Time for a family picture to capture the moment.


My favourite picture of the day. Ys holding onto the kite and Aly looking on. ❤


That’s the purple teddy bear kite!


The gorgeous view from the rooftop.


It’s also the perfect place to take an evening stroll.


Look at how happy Aly was!


Happy New Year from all of us! Hope you had a great one too!

Gardens by the Bay in the evening

I visited Gardens by the Bay sometime back, and I must admit that it is a gorgeous place. We explored the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest, but my favourite attraction had to be the Supertree Grove. It was a pity we had to leave the place by about 7, and I could not take more night shots, but here is a picture I manage to capture of a few SuperTrees before we left, with the Cloud Forest in the background.


A Christmas Tradition – Setting up the Christmas Tree


I must have said this many times, but I love all things Christmasy and in particular, Christmas trees. There’s just something about the tree, the fairy lights, the shiny and colourful ornaments and that star right at the top of the tree that intrigue me.

I was thinking the other day, what family traditions would I keep for the Christmas season. My family had never really celebrated Christmas other than the usual dinner party we have on Christmas eve. Now that I am married, and have my own family, I would also want to start my own family traditions for this season.

Aly has just turned one, and it is not quite possible to involve her in anything significant this year because she is simply too young to understand what is going on. That said, we thought we would involve her in the setting up of Christmas Tree, since she’s just as excited about Christmas trees as I am. And so we did. Of course she couldn’t really help out much, but we did allow her to pass us a few ornaments and we held her hand to put up the star right at the top of the tree. Most of the time though, she was just going “OOoooooo” at all the shiny ornaments we were pulling out of the box, which was pretty amusing. The loudest “Oooooo” came when we turned on the lights. She got really excited!

So, I decided that from next year on, the whole family will set up the Christmas tree together (with Christmas songs playing in the background). I will have Aly help to hang up the ornaments, and each year, someone will have the “honour” of placing the star at the top of the Christmas tree. I will also start a collection of ornaments (on top of the usual matchy ones) from all the places we travel to, or whenever I see something special in a shop. When Aly is older, we shall diy our very own ornaments!

This will give us something to look forward to every Christmas (I hope)!

Scandi Industrial Chic

The title sums up the theme for our new home.

We started off wanting a white palette with pops of colour and some light wood to give off the scandi vibe. The idea was along the lines of fun, cosy and quirky. So we started putting in place a design with our interior designer and was already close to finalizing the design before we had gotten our keys.

But a visit to Make Room, this shop I had previously blogged about, kinda ignited our love for industrial design. There was something about the rawness and simplicity of the look that appealed to both of us. We liked almost every other piece of furniture in that showroom. We spammed our interior designer with pictures of all the pieces we liked from that shop and was hoping to somehow fit all of those into our initial theme. But our initial design didn’t sit well with all the furniture pieces we liked, which left us a little disappointed.

But when we visited our apartment two weekends ago, together with our interior designer, we had to tweak our initial design because we realised that the floor plan we had was not drawn to scale! Somehow the floor plan made the apartment looked a lot bigger than it actually was. 😦 Since we had to tweak the design anyway, three of us brainstormed at the actual site and decided to change the entire theme by going for a more industrial look instead!

So just like that, in two hours, we threw the design we had been working on and obsessing about for weeks, out of the window, and settled for something that left all three of us very excited and enthusiastic about! All because of that trip to Make Room!! There is no doubt that we will be getting a few things from the shop but I thought I should share this great find with everyone!

They do provide styling services as well. I must say that their service is impeccable. I was attended to by Geraldine (who is both a designer and a sales person) and she was most helpful in providing the information we required both at the showroom and over emails. When I asked if I could take photos, there was no hesitation and in fact, I was encouraged to take photos so I could consider my choices! How refreshing is that, given that most shops that sell furniture pieces in singapore would not allow any photography.

Ys and I are really thankful that we made the trip to Make Room and we are now really really excited about our new home!

Presenting the pictures I took at Make Room!







September Day 10 – Black + White

We have been furniture shopping and looking out for quirky accessories for our new home.

And we stumbled upon a gem yesterday! It’s Make Room started by a Dutch lady just about three months back. It occupies just one unit at an industrial building and I was rather taken aback when I entered the shop because it looked quite empty. But I liked almost every other thing in the shop! Expect to find quirky pieces that will definitely sit well with homes which are going for the industrial look.

I couldn’t but help snap a few pictures and this was one of my favourites.


Make room is located at:
1200 Depot Road
Singapore 109675

September Day 7 – Natural

One of my favourite pictures taken on my travels – a picture of Flinders Lane in Melbourne. No filters, no cropping, no edits. The picture as I took it in July 2011, during my babymoon. That was my second time there.

I fell in love with that lane the first time a friend brought me there for brunch. It was the first time I tasted eggs Benedict. This was in 2008. I could never forget the charm of the lane, lined with cafes that serve the most amazing coffee and shops selling knick knacks. at the end of the lane stood walls which were coloured with graffiti art. Just one of those places you don’t forget.