Monkey face

Objectively, this is a really ugly picture of Aly, but it is too funny to not share. Even ys and I burst out laughing on the spot because she just came up with that monkey face when we were taking a self portrait using the iPhone.

Last night was a good night. We spent a lot of time laughing together and at Aly, while enjoying dessert and coffee. It’s been a long time since we both have been so relaxed!


Our souvenir from G.O.D

We paid the newly opened Goods of Desire at Central a visit today and look what we got to keep as a souvenir. There’s this kiosk which will take pics of you and have the photos emailed to you. The only thing they didn’t tell us was that the photo will be uploaded onto their facebook page as well! Imagine our horror when we found out! It’s a great place to check out though, of you’re looking for a quirky gift for someone or for your home.


A moment we shared

There is something I love about this picture. Yes the eye bags are bad and I had no make up on but it is this simplicity that draws me to this picture. It is a picture of simple joy, of a precious moment both Aly and I shared as we lazed in bed together on a Sunday afternoon, and of a wonderful bond.