Aly’s first steps

Today’s the day! Aly took her first steps! And I was around again!

It all started with her being comfortable enough to stand without support and trying to get us to clap each time she manages to do it. Then once, she was standing about a metre away from the coffee table when she decided to take a few steps forward, towards the coffee table, without any help!!

Ever since then, we have been trying to get her to repeat her “stunt”. We are obviously more excited than her!

Standing Tall and Proud

Aly reached another milestone today!! She stood on her own for close to a minute. Yay! And guess what? I was there to witness it, right in front of her, clapping and cheering her on, while she beamed proudly at me. Double yay!

It just happened. One moment she was holding on to her walker, the next moment she let go of her hand. We kept really quiet at the beginning because everytime she realised she was standing on her own, she will collapse into a heap. I attributed it to a confidence issue. But after a while, she was smiling at us and we decided to just clap for her and go “wowwwwww!” This time, she made the decision to bask in the attention and stood still for a really long time (“long time” is to be taken in context).

Good job Aly! I’m so proud of you! 🙂


Here comes Aly!

I was at work today when my mum sent me this video clip of Aly walking with the help of a walker

I mentioned previously that she’s still not walking even though she’s cruising comfortably. In fact, we never allowed her to use the walker because she didn’t know how to use it and would often place her weight forward, so she ends up falling forward when the walker rolls forward too quickly.

So I was really happy to receive a message from my mum to say that aly finally can walk steadily with a walker! It was a milestone for her and this means she’s one step closer to walking on her own, without support! She can even walk backwards with the walker! Haha.

My heart was bursting at the seams with pride when I watched the video and feeling really glad that the moment was caught with a camera phone. At the same time though, I felt a little bitter that I wasn’t there to witness that milestone. It’s the usual FTWM guilt.

It reminded me of something I read recently – even though i cannot for the life of me remember where, a line which says “we didn’t give birth to children so other people can raise them”.

Although I’m one of the lucky few who have great support from both sets of grandparents who take turns to look after Aly, some days I do wish that I have more time with her than the usual evenings and weekends. Today was one of those days…

{Thankful Today} 29 December – 2012

In all honesty, 2012 has been really exhausting. On top of having to cope and adjust with a new member in the family and the chores that having a baby brings about, we made the crazy decision to sell our matrimonial home, moved to a serviced apartment for 3 months and busied ourselves with the design and renovations of our new home. Imagine the amount of packing and unpacking we had to do, considering there was also a two week interval where we moved back to stay with my mum before our new home was ready.

Of course, people who read my blog should be well aware of Aly’s notoriously bad sleeping habits. This means I haven’t had undisrupted sleep for an entire year (other than the 4 nights in Hong Kong). Work has also been busier than ever before. So really, I can’t even begin to describe how physically exhausted I have been.

That said, 2012 also saw me through the proudest moments in my life. These are not my moments. These are Aly’s moments, the first time she flipped from her back to her tummy, the first time she sat up on her own, the first time she pulled herself up to stand, the times she said her first words. Those moments were priceless and because of Aly, 2012 has been amazing in its own ways. I was allowed to experience the immense joy of motherhood in 2012, which has left me excited about what 2013 would bring.

It is not possible for me to exhaustively list the things I am thankful for in 2012, but here are a few.

1) For making it to the two year mark and resisting the urge to kick each other in the ass amidst all the household chores, packing, unpacking and moving. We celebrated our 2nd year anniversary in October this year with a simple art jamming session! I’m glad we keep to our weekly date nights and are committed to spending time alone as a couple. 2012 hasn’t been easy but I’m glad we kept trying to make things better. We have definitely grown as a couple and for that, I’m thankful.


2) For our first family photoshoot. We thought it would be a good idea to have a shoot in our matrimonial home since it was where Aly was born. The photos turned out great!


3) For being able to celebrate Aly’s first birthday. I’m really thankful that she’s a happy and healthy baby.


4) For our new home. When we first decided to buy this place, it was more of a practical decision in that it checked all the right boxes. I wasn’t that crazy about it, but now I have fallen in love with this place! I’ve always thought we wouldn’t put in the same amount of effort for the interior design given that it’s already our second home but much to our surprise, we were even more involved in the conceptualising of the home design as compared to our previous home. The result is a cosy, comfortable home which truly reflects our personalities.


5) For being able to grow my passion in photography. I’ve always liked taking pictures but I think in 2012 I finally decided I wanted to do more than picture taking. I wanted to take better pictures and I wanted to learn more about photography. Thankful for the camera that YS got me for our wedding anniversary. Now I just have to be more disciplined in the editing and saving of photos!


6) For Aly. Need I say more?


2012, thank you for all the good times.

The partaaaaay – preview

We just had Aly’s first birthday party! It’s an early celebration because we will be away the weekend before her actual birthday. It was a small party for family and a few friends and even though Aly was a bit cranky because she was unfamiliar with most people in the room, she was really excited about the balloons, the cake and the birthday song!

Here’s her pretty two tier cake. Will be posting more pictures once I manage to upload them!



Dear Aly,

You surprised Papa and myself on the Friday that just passed when you kept on calling “mama” in between sobs. You enunciated that word so clearly, that magical word. And at that moment I couldn’t help but plant kisses on your little tummy as my heart almost burst with pride and joy. And it didn’t matter if you actually meant “mum mum ” or “mama”, that moment was MY moment. Whatever it is, it made all the sleepless nights worthwhile. Thankfully your papa caught it on video – you saying “mama”.

And today you would went “mamamamamama” when you wanted me to carry you. My heart turns into goo when I hear you say that.

You are learning to speak really quickly. You stare intently at how our lips move as we say a certain word and try your best to follow. You’ve also called papa a couple of times and everytime you do it, we will clap our hands and call out in joy and you will also chuckle in delight! You’ve most certainly reached another milestone and this is just the start of an exciting phase as you pick up more words. We cannot wait to have kiddo conversations with you!

Big big hug.

Love, mama

Better late than never

Aly is finally flipping! At 8 months no less! Haha. Actually I have never been too worried about her not being able to flip since the doctor did comment that it will probably take her some time to do it because of her *ahem* weight.

She had been flipping a couple of times but the flips were not done at will. Most of the time she just “tipped over”. From last Friday though, she suddenly acquired her flipping skills and has been flipping like a pro ever since! I was pleasantly surprised when I woke up last saturday morning to her on her tummy, flashing her million dollar smile at me. I just HAD to pull myself out of bed to give her a hug.

On a related note, I thought I’ve been hearing her go “mama” a couple of times but im not sure if I am imagining things. Maybe she’s saying “mum mum” (baby Lang for food) or maybe it happens because she purses her lips together when she cries sometimes. Whatever it is, those episodes definitely got me pretty excited!