A photograph. A story.

“Take a moment to ask yourself what a portrait means to you. is it just a picture, or is it some small aspect of a person’s story that reflects a story of their life? assuredly there’s merit in nice-looking pictures, but a photographic portrait, a photograph of life, offers so much more. the difference can be subtle, but the impact is huge. a photographic portrait tells a story; it sings, it whispers, it’s something far beyond nice.” –Rachel Devine

This picture was taken on Aly’s first birthday. We spent a day at Sentosa’s underwater world and the admission tickets included tickets to the dolphin show. Aly woke up from her nap to find dolphins performing just a few meters away from her. And she got really really excited! She was waving her arms in the air and letting out her signature “Ooohs…” as she sat contented on ys’ lap. And at one point, she turned to face me and broke into a huge grin.

I pressed the shutter in time, and managed to catch that precious moment.

Now, whenever we look at this picture, we will be reminded of that happy day when we celebrated Aly’s first birthday together as a family. The picture has captured that gummy grin, and the way she wrinkles her nose when she gets excited. A picture like this is priceless and is one of my favourite portraits of Aly to date. It’s a picture that tells a story.


Monkey face

Objectively, this is a really ugly picture of Aly, but it is too funny to not share. Even ys and I burst out laughing on the spot because she just came up with that monkey face when we were taking a self portrait using the iPhone.

Last night was a good night. We spent a lot of time laughing together and at Aly, while enjoying dessert and coffee. It’s been a long time since we both have been so relaxed!


O’ Happy Day

Today’s my idea of a perfect Saturday. Lots of quality time as a family, lots of play, lots of laughter.

Amongst other things, we did some pretend play (i love lego for the endless possibilities) on our latest addition to our new home – a green rug from franc franc <;3. I think Aly likes the new rug as much as we do! She seemed pretty pleased.



I actually like how the rabbits look on the green rug!


Aly also attended her first wedding dinner with us! She got cranky towards the end but I’m really glad she finally got to meet quite a number of our friends.


I love her in these “specs”!


Can the weekend please not end so quickly?

{Thankful Today} 12 December – Growth

I was sitting beside Aly who was smiling in her sleep and thought to myself, I’m really really lucky and blessed to have her in my life and to be able to experience the joys of motherhood. So today, like many other days, I’m thankful that she is growing up healthily and happily, and I am glad I am here to witness her growth every single day.


Aly one year ago and Aly now

Happy Birthday my little one

Dear Aly,

You turned one today, just like that, in the blink of an eye. I still remember how I held you close to me for the first time exactly one year ago. You peeked at me with a barely opened eye. That moment was truly magical.

I feel happy that you’ve grown so much but can’t help but be a little sad that you’re already starting to lose that distinctive baby scent and that gummy grin. It feels like you’re growing up a little too fast for us.

You are becoming a lot feistier and demanding but at the same time, you are super fun to be with now. There is not a day which goes by, where I do not burst out laughing because of something you did or some expression you made.

Thank you so much for coming into our lives and for bringing us so much joy.

We only had a simple celebration today, just papa, mummy and you. We brought you to underwater world for the first time and you were so super excited about the fish in the aquarium and the dolphins and sea lions at the dolphin show. Then we went to fruit paradise where we got you a slice of cake with a candle and sang you a birthday song. You clapped your hands as we sang and were truly excited about the candle and the cake. We allowed you a few mouthfuls and that probably made your week! Your papa and I definitely had a lot of fun today and we hope you had a fantastic first birthday as well.

Happy birthday darling. We love you!