New blog address

This is the second time I’m announcing I know, but I’ve just learnt that a couple of people missed my first announcement and have been wondering why this blog has been so quiet!

Therefore, here I go again. My new blog address is

To follow me at my new blog, click on the “follow” tab and key in your email add. WordPress users will no longer get new posts in the reader, much to my dismay.

I’ve had to iron out a few kinks at the beginning so even those who had previously clicked follow might not have been properly “registered”. So if you thought you have been following the new blog, but haven’t been receiving any updates, do click on the “follow” tab again!

See you around!

I’ve moved to a new website!

One of my new year resolutions for 2013 was to move to a self hosted website. But I’ve not mustered enough courage to take the leap until now. Will write a little bit more about this on my new blog but here’s the new address:

Do click on the follow button on the new site and type in your email so that you will continue to receive updates when a post is published. Existing wordpress followers and email subscribers will not automatically receive updates from the new site!

The new site still looks pretty much the same. I have yet to find a theme which I prefer to my current theme so I guess it’ll stay the same for now. There are a lot of fun features which I can incorporate into the blog. The possibilities are endless. I haven’t had the time to really play around with the plugins though.

In any case, do join me on my new journey! See you!