{Family Fun} – What to do in March?

Ys and I always have an issue with where to go, and what to do, during weekends. It’s not like we have explored every corner of Singapore but sometimes you just have some kind of mental block and nothing comes to mind.

This is when we will start trawling the blogosphere for ideas and usually we will stumble upon something interesting. This has inspired me to start a Family Fun list for each month. This list will be published a few days before the beginning of each month and will contain suggested activities. These may be activities that we ourselves have tried out or activities that we are planning to do ourselves. It could be a public event, a musical, a meal at a restaurant or a new mall to check out. I will try to feature generic activities that both adults and kids can take part in, and which are not too age group specific.

I hope you’ll find something that will interest you!

1) Go kite flying at marina barrage, take in some fresh air and enjoy the gorgeous view – A fun and free activity for the entire family!

2) Have a picnic at the Lawn at Singapore Botanic Gardens – can I just say it can be really relaxing and therapeutic and the kids have lots of space to run around. Here’s some good news for fans of Food for Thought! If you are feeling lazy and willing to splurge, you can now lease picnic baskets from Food for Thought. The food comes in a picnic basket, complete with a mat, trash bag and disposable cutlery. It’s a tad expensive I have to admit, but can be a lifesaver if you’ve got no time to prepare for the picnic.

3) Join a monumental walking tour organised by the Preservation of Monuments Board – A great opportunity to find out more about the history of Singapore’s iconic monuments. Will probably make for a great photography tour as well. We are quite keen to join one of these tours ourselves.

4) Create a terrarium at The Plant Story at Hort Park – I have not been but my colleague has one on her office desk and it is really cute! You get to choose the design of your glass jar, the plants, the little pebbles and accessories like ladybirds, butterflies etc.

5) Visit 100AM mall (the revamped Amara Shopping Mall) and have a meal at Ramen Keisuke Tori King – Not only is the ramen great, the restaurant is really child-friendly (in that the servers are really attentive towards kids). They do have high chairs even though strollers are not allowed in the restaurant due to space constraints. The 60s decor and old school toys displayed on the communal table are also bound to keep the kids excited for a while. After ramen, try the green tea dessert at Tsujiri (also in 100AM), which IMHO, serves the best green tea parfait in Singapore.

If you have an interesting March activity to share, please do leave a comment!