Aly at 15 months

The other day, ys and I were reading Aly’s 7 month update (at random) and it was then when we realised we had forgotten so many details like how she would also “sing-along” with us during nap time and how she once screamed instead of laugh properly. We combed through the videos on our phone, hoping to find one which would help us remember how she was like and why we said these things but we couldn’t find anything. It’s amazing how the human mind works and how we push details out of our minds to make room for fresh details.

A colleague always reminded me, right from the time Aly was born, to take as many videos as I can, and that he wish he had taken more of his daughter. I think I finally understand what he means.

I know I sound like a broken record, but our little girl is growing up too fast.

Here’s her 15 month update:

Feeds: we give her home-cooked meals 99% of the time and there have only been a couple of occasions where we allowed her to have our food as a meal. I’m going to relax this rule a little since she’s bigger now so I think I will be feeding her more of what we eat! She still loves her food though (I’m so glad) and she will choose food over toys anytime!

Speech: (new words in italics) she can say papa, mama, nainai (paternal grandmother), yeye (paternal grandfather), ah ma, teh (I dunno why she replaces ah gong with teh. It’s hilarious!), yi (for ah yi), duck, nana (banana), boo (peak a boo), bor (ball), poo (swimming pool, pull, poo poo, how versatile), per (apple), mum mum (food), tar (star), tee (tree), egg, ah (up), more, bad (bread), wok (walk), ho (hold-when she wants us to hold her hand to walk), bug (bag), hu hu (叔叔-uncle in mandarin), bo (伯伯), mu (伯母), milk, no more, ha-ha (hug hug), bear, ish (fish), mao (猫), book, bow (rainbow), back, bao bao (抱抱 – carry in mandarin), na na (night night), moo (moon), bit (rabbit), ti (hello kitty), lai (light).

Sleep: She still sleeps in her own room but wakes up a couple of times a night. I will go over to pat her when she does and she will fall back to sleep without any problems. She has slept through the night two or three times and I’m hoping that will be the norm rather than the exception soon!

Motor skills: Aly took her first steps last week and is more confident of walking now, although she’s now at the stage where she walks like a mummy. Ys keeps joking about wanting to wrap her up in toilet paper. She generally wants to practise walking rather than be carried. When she’s not confident, she will hold your hand, tug at it and say “walk” (in a commanding manner). She has learnt the concept of “kicking” and will attempt to kick a ball if it is placed in front of her.

Other developments: Aly is very expressive and even though she has not built up her vocabulary base, she is able to express herself through hand gestures and expressions. For example, if she wants to eat something, she will point at the food, then at her mouth. Blinking lights are represented by her opening and closing her fist. She shakes her body and nods her head when she means “yes”.

She is more sociable and interactive now and loves being around people. She loves company and she is happy when she has everyone sitting around her (she will command everyone to sit down by pointing at the person then tapping her finger on the spot next to her), and when everyone is finally seated, she shows her happiness by kicking her legs in excitement.

She is happiest when she has food and when she is on one of those kiddy rides. My dad really indulges her and she gets to ride on kiddy rides at least five times a week! She is always the youngest on those rides but she loves them!

For some reason, she loves pouting her lips and she kisses everyone with that same pout. Without being asked to, she kisses Ys and I good night before bedtime and waves good night. Our hearts turn into goo each time she does that. She is also into hugging everything and will keep asking for more items to hug. More cushions, more pillows, more stuffed toys. Hilarious.

I’m quite amazed by this one – she understands the concept of “I” and “我” (which means “I” in mandarin) and understands that the reflection she sees in the mirror or the girl she sees in pictures / videos is herself. Oh, and she has this funny habit of pointing one finger up when she knows we are taking a picture of her (its like her version of peace),

Here’s a video of her walking like a mummy and doing her version of the peace sign when she caught me filming her.