Spread the Love!

It’s Valentine’s Day again!

I remember I really looked forward to Valentine’s Day in secondary school (even though I came from an all girls’ school). We called it “Friendship Day”. It was a day when we exchanged chocolates, handwritten notes, sweets, flowers etc. The morning of Friendship Day would always be a frenzied one, with everyone rushing around from classroom to classroom leaving little gifts and notes on friends’ tables. Most of us would leave school at the end of the day with a huge bag of gifts and a smile on the face.

I recall still keeping to the tradition of writing handwritten notes and giving out little gifts to my friends on Valentine’s Day when I started work, but I stopped after a while. I am not sure why and how, but it just stopped.

So this year, I wanted to get my close friends a little something, and I was considering what to get (it’s so difficult to buy gifts these days because most of us have almost everything) when I read a post written by June of Mamawearpapashirt on “Have you said “I love you” today?” . In this post, she wrote about a book entitled “i love you” written and illustrated by Tam Wai Jia. June has done a fantastic write-up on this book as well as the motivation for writing this book, so please do check out her post.

I was inspired that I contacted Cliff (Wai Jia’s husband) and Wai Jia (author and illustrator of the book) to order multiple copies. I thought this book would make such a suitable Valentine’s Day present!

Each book only costs S$12 and the funds raised from the sales will go towards helping abused and trafficked children in developing countries. It supports a great and worthy cause and makes for a great gift (even for your own spouse or your kid(s)).

Anyway, my point of writing this post is this. A post from June was able to inspire me to purchase ten copies of the book (thank you June!). So I was just thinking to myself, if I am also able to pass this on and (hopefully) inspire just one person to purchase a few books, and this message continues to get passed on, we will be able to help Cliff and Wai Jia fulfil their ambition of helping ministries which rescue and free children and women from prostitution and slavery. It sounds rather idealistic I know, but well, we can always start with small steps, and we can always dream!

So, how about getting a Valentine’s Day gift for someone and helping to spread the love? Here are a few pictures of the book with lovely illustrations!




Here’s wishing everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Here is some information about how you can pick up copies of the book (which I extracted from Mamawearpapashirt’s website):

Pick up a copy from 7Kickstart Community Cafe at 50 Armenian Street #01-02 Wilmer Place (opposite Substation), Singapore 179938; or

Drop the couple an email at cliffnwaijia@gmail.com for multiple copies of the book.