Aly’s first picnic at Botanic Gardens

It’s been a long time since Ys and I went for a picnic together. In fact, not since we got married! I guess it’s because it sounds like such a chore, having to prep for the picnic, and the weather in Singapore is either too hot or too rainy for pinics!

About a couple of weeks back though, we thought it would be nice to bring Aly on a picnic. We felt we had been spending too much time at the malls and indoors and wanted to allow her to experience the great outdoors. So last Sunday, we decided it shall be Picnic Day!

Honestly, I learnt that a picnic can be as fuss free as you want it to be! There is no need to prepare a feast for the picnic. For the picnic last Sunday, we put together a simple picnic basket consisting of baby yoghurt and baby biscuits for Aly, cheese sausages and bread (with a bottle of mustard) for Ys and myself, two bottles of ginger ale and a box of strawberries! That was it! It took us maybe only about 20 minutes to put everything together? Throw in a camera, a mat, and a bottle of bubble solution to keep Aly occupied, and we were all ready for Aly’s first picnic! Sounds simple enough, no?

We arrived at the Botanic Gardens at about 9.30am and I was concerned that it was getting a little warm but was quite pleased to find a huge lawn in front of the symphony stage which had a shaded patch. The place was already filled with families with picnic mats, dads and sons with their soccer balls, young couples playing catch with their dogs and groups of friends, by the time we arrived.


The huge (shaded) grass patch in front of symphony stage

We chose a spot, laid our picnic mat, and started tucking in!


Aly, pleased with her yoghurt and watching a family play ball


Aly loves her strawberries

Aly was kept really entertained, just people watching. She was particularly excited about the dogs that were running around the grass patch. Lots of kids were running around and playing freely too, and it’s easy to forget that you’re in Singapore with all that greenery and space.


Aly made a friend

We had a great time and look forward to more picnics at the Botanic Gardens. Makes for a great (and cheap) family outing! Aly obviously enjoyed herself and was all smiles that morning. Hope you enjoyed your first picnic, dear Aly!

All smiles!

So much fun!

Do you have a favourite picnic spot?