Aly at 14 months

So I missed Aly’s 12th month and 13th month update amidst all the moving and unpacking! The other day I was trying to recall when she started sitting up on her own and when she started crawling and could not for the life of me remember! The past 14 months have just been a blur and passing all too quickly. I shall be more diligent in recording all these milestones! So yes, I shall continue my monthly updates!

Here’s her 14 month update:

Feeds: I have successfully weaned her off breastmilk after a very very long and painful process. She’s now on formula milk (I really miss nursing her though.) she eats pretty much whatever we eat now. She loves food and never says no to food. I’m definitely not complaining! Her favourites are bread and fruits. We call her the bread monster. Haha.

Speech: she can say papa, mama, nainai (paternal grandmother), yeye (paternal grandfather), ah ma, teh (I dunno why she replaces ah gong with teh. It’s hilarious!), yi (for ah yi), duck, nana (banana), boo (book or peak a boo), bor (ball), poo (swimming pool, pull, poo poo, how versatile), per (apple), mum mum (food), tar (star), tee (tree), egg, ah (up), more, bad (bread).

Sleep: I FINALLY HAVE UPDATES!! Ever since we moved into our new place, Aly has been sleeping on a mattress in her own room! Since I have weaned her off breastmilk, I have also officially given up my giant pacifier title. She now falls asleep on her own (with me lying beside her) after her usual bedtime routine!! I used to have to sing to her but now I just cuddle her and keep very quiet. After rolling around for a while, she falls asleep on her own! She wakes up once or twice in the middle of the night still, but falls asleep promptly after I cuddle her for a bit. She has stopped middle of the night feeds and only drinks milk in the morning after she wakes up now. I am so very pleased! Have been getting a lot more restful sleep as compared to the past few months. Still praying she will sleep through the night soon. Slowly but surely, we are getting there!

Motor skills: she is still cruising and can move around very quickly so long as she has support. However she has this great fear of falling and refuses to stand on her own, or to attempt to walk. She is able to throw a ball towards us and will attempt to catch it when we throw it back.

Other developments: Aly is really affectionate and is now super generous with her hugs. She shares her food with all of us and would always attempt to feed us (and the soft toy, the character in a book, the giraffe on her bib etc). She is easily tickled and would throw her head back and laugh whenever we do or say something funny. Sometimes, she just laughs when we laugh, which causes us to laugh even more. Aly loves animals, especially dogs and gets really excited when she sees them. She loves books (yay) although all she does is flip the pages really quickly. She loves music and would automatically shake her body to the music (she loves that gangnam dance). She uses hand gestures and expressions to say “please”, “sorry” and “thank you”.

In this picture, she’s trying to feed some bread to a character in the iPad!