Make-Up Disaster

I had a make-up disaster the other day. No, it was not the make-up on my face that was ruined. It was my MAC liquid eyeliner and the fact that Aly had her both hands covered in black liquid eyeliner when I emerged from the bathroom one weekday morning just before I was supposed to head out for work. Did I also mention that I was alone in the house, and already all ready for work?

Honestly when I came out of the bathroom and saw her sitting there with a guilty look and hands all covered in black eyeliner, I didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. I was definitely annoyed but I couldn’t bring myself to be angry at her (after all I was the one who left my make up lying around)!


I really didn’t know where to begin though. I carried her to the shower area and begun the wash her hands, only to realise that I had bought WATERPROOF liquid eyeliner. Yes that conversation with the MAC saleslady came to mind.

Me: I want something that is waterproof. Like really long lasting and something that will not smudge.

Saleslady: don’t worry MAC has one of the best waterproof liquid eyeliners. Very long lasting.

Very nice.

Aly started grabbing at my legs because she was feeling scared with all that black stuff on her hands. Yay now I had eyeliner on my arms, leg and dress. I left her on the bathroom floor and scurried to grab some cotton wool so I could apply my eye make up remover (my dior eye make up remover. Sigh.) on her. When I turned around she had used her hands to wipe her face and head and now her whole face was covered with eyeliner. Obviously I didn’t have the sense of humour at that point to take a picture. On hindsight I should have. I’m sure I will be repeating this story for many years to come, even when she grows up.

Well after using about half bottle of my eye make up remover on her and myself, I did eventually make it to work. with black nails.

The surprises a kid brings.