Our Top 3 Eats in Hong Kong

We were in Hong Kong two months ago for a quick getaway and if you ask me, we were really just there to eat, rest and catch up with friends. Erm ok actually I think we were eating more than anything else. When asked by YL what we wanted to eat, we told her our criteria – so long as it is cheap and good, anything goes! Almost everything we ate in those four days were good, but if I were to blog about every meal we had, it will probably take me hours, so here are our top 3 picks from the 30 meals (ok, I’m exaggerating) we had in the four days.

1) Milk tea and French Toast from Lan Fong Yuen (2 Gage Street, Central, Hong Kong)

Maybe it’s because it was my first HK meal, or maybe it’s because I fell in love with the charming tea cafe (char chan teng) which made me feel like I walked right into a HK drama set. It is a small establishment with no more than maybe 12 tables (you have to share your tables in these char chan tengs so don’t be too shocked if someone just plonks down on the seat beside you). The milk tea is truly unforgettable and the french toast was all buttery crispy and eggy goodness.

To-die-for french toastImage

The very old school shopfront. Apparently, you can order a milk tea and sit at the counter on one of those stools!


2) Beef brisket noodles from Kau Kee (21 Gough Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong)

If there was only meal you could have in Hong Kong, we would highly recommend Kau Kee beef brisket noodles. Apparently, everyone who has tried it so far has been toying with the idea of packing it back to Singapore! I don’t think I will do the noodles any justice if I were to describe the taste, but suffice to say, it is VERY VERY GOOD. There’s the clear broth and the curry version. I would say, go for the curry one! It’s YS’ favourite meal in Hong Kong! Do note that they are closed on Sundays though!


Beef brisket noodles in clear broth


3) Char siew (BBQ pork) buns from Tim Ho Wan (Shop 12A, Hong Kong Station (Podium Level 1, IFC Mall) Central)

It’s probably the cheapest one Michelin star restaurant you would ever find! It’s the perfect place to stop by when you arrive at Hong Kong Station on the airport express. The only thing that you HAVE to order from this place are the BBQ pork buns. They come in threes, but trust me when I say you won’t be able to stop at one. I can cross my heart and say that it’s the best bbq pork buns I’ve ever tasted! Just do yourself a favour and pack a few of those buns for takeaway if you really cannot get a seat.

Awesome bbq pork bunsImage


All this blogging is making me really hungry! I need to visit Hong Kong again soooooooon! YL and Thad, thanks for sharing these great eats with us!