New Year’s Day at Marina Barrage

We spent our new year kite flying (or rather, attempting to fly a kite) at marina barrage. It’s really a great place for a family outing for the following reasons 1) parking is free, 2) free entrance, 3) lots of open space for the kids to run about, 4) it’s really windy and 5) the view is gorgeous from the rooftop. As today was a public holiday, the place was PACKED with people who were there for a family picnic, kite flying or simply just admiring the colourful kites and superb view.

We arrived only in the evening because the weather would be much cooler (there’s no shelter on the rooftop) and headed straight to buy a kite (with an angelfish design) from a shop located on the ground floor at marina barrage. Just a tip though, it’s probably a better idea to purchase your kite before you head over. The designs of kites sold onsite are limited and prices are probably marked up. A friend recommended Passion Kites to me. The prices of the kites on this website are almost half of what we paid for our kite!

So anyway, it’s our first time flying a kite. Even my parents, who were with us, have zero experience in kite flying. So we spent about 30 minutes tugging and throwing the kite with all our might into the air, laughing at our failed attempts and basically trying to get our kite to fly. After a really really long time, we finally managed to get the kite up! I was holding onto the kite line when it happened and it was really an exciting moment for me. Somehow at that instance, I just intuitively knew when to tug and when to let go and the kite just went higher and higher and we were all super excited! Even Aly was excited and could identify HER (she’s at this stage where she claims everything belongs to her) kite in the sky. It was a pity that our kite got entangled with a few other kites and it’s time in the sky was rather short-lived. But we had a lot of fun and will most definitely return! In fact, I would say kite flying is rather therapeutic! I’m sure Aly will love it even more when she’s older.

It was also quite a sight because the sky was filled with kites in all shapes, colours and sizes. My favourite has got to be this huge purple teddy bear kite!

Here’s our day in pictures:

The colourful kites against the blue blue sky


30 minutes of tugging and throwing…


Success! Our kite is the pink one right in the middle of the top of the picture.


Time for a family picture to capture the moment.


My favourite picture of the day. Ys holding onto the kite and Aly looking on. ❤


That’s the purple teddy bear kite!


The gorgeous view from the rooftop.


It’s also the perfect place to take an evening stroll.


Look at how happy Aly was!


Happy New Year from all of us! Hope you had a great one too!

8 thoughts on “New Year’s Day at Marina Barrage

    • Hi Elizabeth, thanks for stopping by. Yes, open spaces are so difficult to find these days! Bring your kids there someday, if you haven’t already been!

  1. Thanks for stopping by and the follow. Lovely family photo! Aly looks like she had a ball of a time 🙂 planning to bring my kids down this CNY hols.
    Happy new year 🙂

  2. we love kite flying too. seeing your hb and you and your young little aly makes me happy 🙂 that was so long ago for us. i like seeing young families starting off… i am excited for your parenting journey!! 🙂

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