A Christmas Tradition – Setting up the Christmas Tree


I must have said this many times, but I love all things Christmasy and in particular, Christmas trees. There’s just something about the tree, the fairy lights, the shiny and colourful ornaments and that star right at the top of the tree that intrigue me.

I was thinking the other day, what family traditions would I keep for the Christmas season. My family had never really celebrated Christmas other than the usual dinner party we have on Christmas eve. Now that I am married, and have my own family, I would also want to start my own family traditions for this season.

Aly has just turned one, and it is not quite possible to involve her in anything significant this year because she is simply too young to understand what is going on. That said, we thought we would involve her in the setting up of Christmas Tree, since she’s just as excited about Christmas trees as I am. And so we did. Of course she couldn’t really help out much, but we did allow her to pass us a few ornaments and we held her hand to put up the star right at the top of the tree. Most of the time though, she was just going “OOoooooo” at all the shiny ornaments we were pulling out of the box, which was pretty amusing. The loudest “Oooooo” came when we turned on the lights. She got really excited!

So, I decided that from next year on, the whole family will set up the Christmas tree together (with Christmas songs playing in the background). I will have Aly help to hang up the ornaments, and each year, someone will have the “honour” of placing the star at the top of the Christmas tree. I will also start a collection of ornaments (on top of the usual matchy ones) from all the places we travel to, or whenever I see something special in a shop. When Aly is older, we shall diy our very own ornaments!

This will give us something to look forward to every Christmas (I hope)!