{Thankful Today} 3 December – Read

Read: I know it’s a bit late but we have only recently just incorporated bedtime reading into Aly’s bedtime routine. You see, I never got a chance to previously, since I was always nursing her to sleep. Her bedtime routine now is way better. It starts with me wiping her down, followed by milk, followed by bedtime reading followed by lullaby. My favourite part is of course the bedtime reading. Ys and I take turns to read to her but sometimes, like tonight, we read to her together. It’s a very precious 10-15 minutes period, where we spend true quality time as a family – just the three of us.

It’s funny because Aly is always so anxious to flip the pages and she would do so even before we finish reading from a page. So instead of reading, we spend more time describing the picture to her and having her point out objects or animals she knows from the picture, and laughing at the silly things she does. Oh well, whatever works.

So today, I’m truly thankful for story time. I’ve made a promise to myself that I would read her bedtime stories for as long as she would want me to.



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