{Thankful Today} 1st & 2nd December – Beginning & Clean

I will be joining a new photo challenge started by Mum in the making for the month of December. Similar to The Happiness Project, the idea is to give thanks to something everyday in December, except that each post is to be accompanied by a picture. Here’s the list!


Beginning: we have finally moved into our new home and have almost settled down. The home is turning out to be a home that we have always wanted and we are really enjoying every minute of it in the house. And so life is good at the moment. I am typing this as Aly sleeps soundly in her own room and as I am waiting for my bread to bake in the new bread making machine I’ve just bought! Certainly a great beginning to the many happy years ahead in this place as a family of three! Here’s a picture of a lily that’s about to bloom, from a bouquet that a friend who visited our home yesterday brought for us.


Clean: our newly polished floor!