{Thankful Today} 29 December – 2012

In all honesty, 2012 has been really exhausting. On top of having to cope and adjust with a new member in the family and the chores that having a baby brings about, we made the crazy decision to sell our matrimonial home, moved to a serviced apartment for 3 months and busied ourselves with the design and renovations of our new home. Imagine the amount of packing and unpacking we had to do, considering there was also a two week interval where we moved back to stay with my mum before our new home was ready.

Of course, people who read my blog should be well aware of Aly’s notoriously bad sleeping habits. This means I haven’t had undisrupted sleep for an entire year (other than the 4 nights in Hong Kong). Work has also been busier than ever before. So really, I can’t even begin to describe how physically exhausted I have been.

That said, 2012 also saw me through the proudest moments in my life. These are not my moments. These are Aly’s moments, the first time she flipped from her back to her tummy, the first time she sat up on her own, the first time she pulled herself up to stand, the times she said her first words. Those moments were priceless and because of Aly, 2012 has been amazing in its own ways. I was allowed to experience the immense joy of motherhood in 2012, which has left me excited about what 2013 would bring.

It is not possible for me to exhaustively list the things I am thankful for in 2012, but here are a few.

1) For making it to the two year mark and resisting the urge to kick each other in the ass amidst all the household chores, packing, unpacking and moving. We celebrated our 2nd year anniversary in October this year with a simple art jamming session! I’m glad we keep to our weekly date nights and are committed to spending time alone as a couple. 2012 hasn’t been easy but I’m glad we kept trying to make things better. We have definitely grown as a couple and for that, I’m thankful.


2) For our first family photoshoot. We thought it would be a good idea to have a shoot in our matrimonial home since it was where Aly was born. The photos turned out great!


3) For being able to celebrate Aly’s first birthday. I’m really thankful that she’s a happy and healthy baby.


4) For our new home. When we first decided to buy this place, it was more of a practical decision in that it checked all the right boxes. I wasn’t that crazy about it, but now I have fallen in love with this place! I’ve always thought we wouldn’t put in the same amount of effort for the interior design given that it’s already our second home but much to our surprise, we were even more involved in the conceptualising of the home design as compared to our previous home. The result is a cosy, comfortable home which truly reflects our personalities.


5) For being able to grow my passion in photography. I’ve always liked taking pictures but I think in 2012 I finally decided I wanted to do more than picture taking. I wanted to take better pictures and I wanted to learn more about photography. Thankful for the camera that YS got me for our wedding anniversary. Now I just have to be more disciplined in the editing and saving of photos!


6) For Aly. Need I say more?


2012, thank you for all the good times.

Gardens by the Bay in the evening

I visited Gardens by the Bay sometime back, and I must admit that it is a gorgeous place. We explored the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest, but my favourite attraction had to be the Supertree Grove. It was a pity we had to leave the place by about 7, and I could not take more night shots, but here is a picture I manage to capture of a few SuperTrees before we left, with the Cloud Forest in the background.


{Thankful Today} 27 December – Someone

I’m thankful for this particular someone not just today, but every single day of my life.

She has taught me humility and patience.

She has allowed me to find great joy in the smallest things.

She has filled my heart with pride and love.

She has taught me how to be a better person, a good mother, in her own little ways.

But most of all, she has allowed me to experience the joys of motherhood and has shown me how amazing a mother’s love for her child can be.

Thank you Alyssa. I’m really thankful you came into our lives.


Christmas Eve dinner

We had our annual Christmas Eve dinner at our place this year, since our table can sit more people! It was great as usual. What can be better then enjoying the company of people you love over good food and wine? This year is also extra special because Aly is able to join us in the celebration.

Merry Christmas from the pangz!


A Christmas Tradition – Setting up the Christmas Tree


I must have said this many times, but I love all things Christmasy and in particular, Christmas trees. There’s just something about the tree, the fairy lights, the shiny and colourful ornaments and that star right at the top of the tree that intrigue me.

I was thinking the other day, what family traditions would I keep for the Christmas season. My family had never really celebrated Christmas other than the usual dinner party we have on Christmas eve. Now that I am married, and have my own family, I would also want to start my own family traditions for this season.

Aly has just turned one, and it is not quite possible to involve her in anything significant this year because she is simply too young to understand what is going on. That said, we thought we would involve her in the setting up of Christmas Tree, since she’s just as excited about Christmas trees as I am. And so we did. Of course she couldn’t really help out much, but we did allow her to pass us a few ornaments and we held her hand to put up the star right at the top of the tree. Most of the time though, she was just going “OOoooooo” at all the shiny ornaments we were pulling out of the box, which was pretty amusing. The loudest “Oooooo” came when we turned on the lights. She got really excited!

So, I decided that from next year on, the whole family will set up the Christmas tree together (with Christmas songs playing in the background). I will have Aly help to hang up the ornaments, and each year, someone will have the “honour” of placing the star at the top of the Christmas tree. I will also start a collection of ornaments (on top of the usual matchy ones) from all the places we travel to, or whenever I see something special in a shop. When Aly is older, we shall diy our very own ornaments!

This will give us something to look forward to every Christmas (I hope)!

Monkey face

Objectively, this is a really ugly picture of Aly, but it is too funny to not share. Even ys and I burst out laughing on the spot because she just came up with that monkey face when we were taking a self portrait using the iPhone.

Last night was a good night. We spent a lot of time laughing together and at Aly, while enjoying dessert and coffee. It’s been a long time since we both have been so relaxed!


Nugget of joy #10

The best way to beat Monday blues is to meet a super friend, with whom you share a friendship of 16 years, at a pretty cafe you have been wanting to check out, and just chatting openly and comfortably with each other, and enjoying each other’s good company over yummy food.

That happened to me today.

Oh, and Christmas came early for me too. A gift from one of my favourite brands (and from a favourite friend). Thanks E!!


It’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas…

The Christmas tree is finally up and Aly got really excited about the tree. In fact, she’s been really excited about seeing Christmas trees so it must be quite something for her to see one in our home. She would ask for the lights to be switched on and would point in the correct direction when asked “where’s the Christmas tree?”

I cannot believe that one year ago she was barely one month old when I was setting up the tree and that at this time next year, she would probably be helping me with the decorations!

Here are pictures of the simple decorations we put up in our home this year.




8 more days to go!

O’ Happy Day

Today’s my idea of a perfect Saturday. Lots of quality time as a family, lots of play, lots of laughter.

Amongst other things, we did some pretend play (i love lego for the endless possibilities) on our latest addition to our new home – a green rug from franc franc <;3. I think Aly likes the new rug as much as we do! She seemed pretty pleased.



I actually like how the rabbits look on the green rug!


Aly also attended her first wedding dinner with us! She got cranky towards the end but I’m really glad she finally got to meet quite a number of our friends.


I love her in these “specs”!


Can the weekend please not end so quickly?