We’ve moved!

After being homeless for about three and a half months, we have finally settled down at our new place! We spent three and a half months in a less than 400 sq ft apartment, which meant that all three of us were pretty much stuck in the same space, which also meant that we didn’t have our own space to watch tv, use the computer etc (especially cos Aly needs the room to be really quiet before she can fall asleep AND stay asleep).

So I’m really glad to finally have our own place again! It’s still a relatively small space but at least we now have a living area and have a separate room for Aly. The good news is that Aly loves her room and has been sleeping on her own (pretty much). I usually go back to my room once I put her to bed and for the past three nights, I’ve only had to go back to her room around 4am. Of course I’m usually so tired at that time that I end up sleeping beside her till day breaks but as sad as it sounds, this is already a huge improvement from two weeks ago! In fact, it’s the first time in a year (minus the holiday to hong kong and bali) that I got to sleep in my own bed for more than a stretch of four hours! Yayyyyyyyy! Finally, her sleeping habits have improved!

I am also happy to report that I have finally stopped nursing her to sleep. The whole weaning process was quite stressful but I am glad things are ok now. Shall save this for another post.

So anyway, I digress. We are pretty much unpacked. Yes all forty odd boxes and are now just getting our things organised and in order. I guess we will need the next few weeks to do up the balconies, shop for some plants and outdoor furniture, do up our photo wall, put up the posters that we bought, and basically personalize our space. Exciting times ahead!

Here’s a picture of our stuff before they were unpacked. This is not even all of it!!!


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