We’ve moved!

After being homeless for about three and a half months, we have finally settled down at our new place! We spent three and a half months in a less than 400 sq ft apartment, which meant that all three of us were pretty much stuck in the same space, which also meant that we didn’t have our own space to watch tv, use the computer etc (especially cos Aly needs the room to be really quiet before she can fall asleep AND stay asleep).

So I’m really glad to finally have our own place again! It’s still a relatively small space but at least we now have a living area and have a separate room for Aly. The good news is that Aly loves her room and has been sleeping on her own (pretty much). I usually go back to my room once I put her to bed and for the past three nights, I’ve only had to go back to her room around 4am. Of course I’m usually so tired at that time that I end up sleeping beside her till day breaks but as sad as it sounds, this is already a huge improvement from two weeks ago! In fact, it’s the first time in a year (minus the holiday to hong kong and bali) that I got to sleep in my own bed for more than a stretch of four hours! Yayyyyyyyy! Finally, her sleeping habits have improved!

I am also happy to report that I have finally stopped nursing her to sleep. The whole weaning process was quite stressful but I am glad things are ok now. Shall save this for another post.

So anyway, I digress. We are pretty much unpacked. Yes all forty odd boxes and are now just getting our things organised and in order. I guess we will need the next few weeks to do up the balconies, shop for some plants and outdoor furniture, do up our photo wall, put up the posters that we bought, and basically personalize our space. Exciting times ahead!

Here’s a picture of our stuff before they were unpacked. This is not even all of it!!!


Happy Birthday my little one

Dear Aly,

You turned one today, just like that, in the blink of an eye. I still remember how I held you close to me for the first time exactly one year ago. You peeked at me with a barely opened eye. That moment was truly magical.

I feel happy that you’ve grown so much but can’t help but be a little sad that you’re already starting to lose that distinctive baby scent and that gummy grin. It feels like you’re growing up a little too fast for us.

You are becoming a lot feistier and demanding but at the same time, you are super fun to be with now. There is not a day which goes by, where I do not burst out laughing because of something you did or some expression you made.

Thank you so much for coming into our lives and for bringing us so much joy.

We only had a simple celebration today, just papa, mummy and you. We brought you to underwater world for the first time and you were so super excited about the fish in the aquarium and the dolphins and sea lions at the dolphin show. Then we went to fruit paradise where we got you a slice of cake with a candle and sang you a birthday song. You clapped your hands as we sang and were truly excited about the candle and the cake. We allowed you a few mouthfuls and that probably made your week! Your papa and I definitely had a lot of fun today and we hope you had a fantastic first birthday as well.

Happy birthday darling. We love you!



Nom nom nom

Loving the food in Hong Kong. It’s like everything i have tried is amazing in one way or another. Even the simplest toasted bun with condensed milk was mind blowing! Best enjoyed with HK’s signature milk tea.


Time for a break!

Waiting to board my flight to Hong Kong, where I will get to sleep in as late as I want, put aside my diaper changing and milking duties and just focus on resting, eating and shopping! Hoping to catch up with some friends in HK too! (Aside: thanks YL for opening up your place to me and ys).

Can I just say that I miss Aly already??? Just three hours after dropping her off at my mother in law’s. haha. Notwithstanding, I know I should look forward and enjoy this short break (which in my opinion, is well deserved!) after all, I was the one who was going on and on about how important it is to have me time and couple time even after a kiddo comes along. I do believe it is important! Like I always say, happy parents = happy child = happy family. And I am truly grateful that I have parents and in laws who are willing to help look after Aly just so I can go for this short holiday.

Goodbye Singapore! Hello Hong Kong, yummy food and loads of shopping!


The partaaaaay – preview

We just had Aly’s first birthday party! It’s an early celebration because we will be away the weekend before her actual birthday. It was a small party for family and a few friends and even though Aly was a bit cranky because she was unfamiliar with most people in the room, she was really excited about the balloons, the cake and the birthday song!

Here’s her pretty two tier cake. Will be posting more pictures once I manage to upload them!


Aly at 11 months

Aly has never been as fun and as interactive as now. She never fails to surprise me and make me laugh every single day.

Here’s her 11 month update:

Feeds: she’s still crazy about food. On weekdays she eats really healthily with my mum and in-laws cooking her porridge with fish/pork and various types of vegetable. She also has different types of fruits. The newest addition to the list is dragonfruit. On weekends, she eats whatever ys and I eat and we try to give her whatever that is not too sweet/salty/oily. But just last week I started feeling bad about feeding her so much junk and have decided to home cook at least her lunches.

On milk, I had grand plans to wean her before I head to Hong Kong. I started pumping only once at work and bought formula milk and new milk bottles. How naive was I to think that the transition would be a smooth one. She has flatly refused formula milk and got so paranoid about bottle feeding that she has refused to drink even breastmilk through the bottle. My mum has tried to mix only a spoonful of formula into the breast milk and even that didn’t work. We are now in the midst of letting her try all types of bottles/teats/formula to see what works for her. In the meantime she’s still on partial breastmilk. I really do hope I get this sorted out before we head to Hong Kong. Sigh.

Sleeping patterns: this has gotten worse since we introduced formula to her. I call it weaning anxiety. She’s perpetually stuck to me throughout the night. However, last night we decided to start the weaning process and we let her cry it out. It was most heartbreaking though . She cried for a really really long time. I only hope it gets better tonight.

Speech: Aly is really expressive and her actions are almost always accompanied by random sounds, some of which are highly amusing. Her favourite expression is “ooh?” (quizzical look) and I can’t help but laugh everytime she does that. She’s babbling a lot more now too! The funniest was when she started mimicking the sound of an aeroplane, complete with actions.


Motor skills: Aly is finally crawling properly, on all fours (and not dragging her feet like she used to). She also pulls herself up with more ease now and is able to stand comfortably with support. Because she sleeps on a mattress on the floor, when we are on the bed and she cannot see us, she will try to pull herself up to the standing position and will give this really cheeky and satisfied smile when she manages to stand on her own and is able to see us. Very cute if I may say so.

She now knows how to point to things and her own nose/mouth/ears.

Other developments: she has learnt how to clap and give flying kisses and she leans her head on my chest when I ask to be hugged. She loves to tilt her head to one side to look at someone when she is trying to get their attention and my heart turns into goo each time she does that. She is very generous with her smiles when she is with people she is familiar with.

She is at a stage where she tries to mimic all our actions and is absorbing information like a sponge. When asked to comb her hair, she would pretend to brush her (non-existent) hair with her hand. She also constantly surprises us with information that she remembers. For example, she would have seen my sis with pretty dangling earrings a week before, and when she next meets my sister (without those earrings), she will point at my sister’s ears and go “ooh?” and does the “where?” hand gesture.

She generally understands and follows instructions. For example, when we ask her to sit down and wait while we fetch her a toy, she would sit patiently and wait.

We have been bringing her swimming and she loves it! She also loves all animals and gets really really excited when she sees animals. The other thing that gets her really excited is music. She really likes songs and music and would still bob her head/body to any song she hears. Oh, and she starts pointing and screaming everytime we walk past a playground. Generally a very excitable baby!

Happy belated 11 months old Aly!


Life is good…

When I am chilling and listening to Christmas songs, fooling around with Aly who is full of cheeky expressions and enjoying my favourite Starbucks Christmas drinks.

I love Christmas!!!