Two years on

Happy 2nd anniversary to us! All i can say is time flies like the wind, fruit files like the banana (I know this is lame but its one classic line that came out of the best man speech during our wedding celebration).

Two years ago we were young adults ready to embark on the next phase of our lives together and before we got to figure out how this whole marriage thing works, Aly came along, and in addition to figuring out how this whole marriage thing works, we had to figure out how this parenthood thing works as well.

But whatever it is, I’m glad we are in this together and I’m glad that we are both committed to the promises we made to each other. We have had our fair share of disagreements but I’m thankful that we always made it a point to return to the table to work something out together.

I hope we always remember that no matter how uncoordinated we may be, and no matter how terrible the circumstances may seem to be, we should always find something to laugh about, together, just like that first dance at our wedding which left us looking like fools (since we both have two left feet). But we enjoyed ourselves nevertheless and danced till the end together. And at the end of the day, that’s what is truly important.


Source: Lightedpixels pixies (Kai)