Nugget of joy #5

That few minutes of chuckling before bedtime, just cos papa was doing something to amuse her. It’s amazing what her laughter can do to lift my spirits. Yes, I’m really in love with this bub!


In love with hadasity

I have always been a fan of all things shiny, and in particular coloured stones. I have also always had a thing for handmade accessories. I love the idea that every piece is unique and one of a kind, and I recognise and acknowledge the effort that goes into each piece of art.

Unfortunately I have never been much of a fashionista and I am just too unmotivated to put on additional accessories or find accessories to match my attire before I head out. In fact I always have the same diamond stud earrings and pendant on. The only accessories on my hands are my wedding ring and my engagement ring! So I’ve stopped looking at accessories for a really long time, until I stumbled on hadasity.

A passion turned business started by two sisters, their handcrafted accessories are absolutely gorgeous! They have these stunning statement necklaces which will probably jazz up any outfit effortlessly and these lovely cuffs in various designs and with various coloured stones. I even love the names they come up with for all their pieces!

So anyway, I finally succumbed to temptation and bought something from them for my sister as her belated birthday present. And I was so impressed! It came in a cheery wrapper with a pink bow, and a note for both me and my sister. The note in the package was something that I indicated that I would like included (free of charge) but I was impressed because on top of that, there was a handwritten note for me with my name drawn in a cute design. How thoughtful is that?


This is the piece I picked for my sister – Somewhere out there (yes that’s the name of the cuff design). Love it!! I think I need to buy something for myself! 🙂