Aly at 10 months

Aly turned 10 months old last Thursday! It’s only been a month since my last update but lots of changed and she has developed a personality overnight! This means she has been getting into a lot more trouble but i think the fun has just begun!

Here’s her 10 month update:

Feeds: She absolutely LUUUURVES food. You should see the way her eyes light up the moment she sees food. She has porridge with veg and fish for lunch these days, and baby cereal for dinner. She’s tried many different kinds of fruits and loves them! Oh and her favourite drink at the moment is vitagen (which we allow her small sips from time to time). We now try to feed her whatever we are eating, which is not to sweet, oily or salty. I guess we have learnt that it’s the best way to keep her occupied during meal times so we can eat in peace. Bread is exceptionally useful! So she’s eaten bread, tofu, mashed potato and eggs last few weekends when we were out. She’s also tried orange juice! We also allow her to indulge in baby snacks on weekends and she loves them! So strong is her love for eating that her eye hand coordination has improved by leaps and bounds and she is now able to pick up a biscuit (about the size of a honey star) and nine out of 10 times put it in her mouth. It’s cute to see her hold on to the biscuit so carefully, as she transfers the food from one hand to another hand, so she can put it into her mouth (the snack sticks to her fingers sometimes you see). I’m glad she loves to eat! After all, ys and I are both foodies!

Sleeping patterns: same.old.story. (yawns)

Speech: she has a huge “vocabulary” now although we don’t understand her 99% of the time. I think she has a rather strong understand of her surroundings and what we say, and she too tries to communicate with us, but because we don’t understand her, she’s gets really frustrated. That’s been happening a lot lately! Overall she’s really animated and we have been very tickled by the sounds she makes and her numerous expressions.

Motor skills: Aly is finally crawling!! She seemed to have developed that skill overnight, just a few days after my last update. She crawls in a rather odd way though, cos she relies entirely on her upper body strength to drag herself forward, which means she doesn’t use her legs. So she looks pretty amusing and lopsided when she crawls. I’m not complaining though! At least she has developed that skill and can now crawl around and explore her surroundings (which of course brings about a new set of problems). She has the tendency to flip quickly and lie on her back from the crawling position though, which has caused her to bump her head on the floor a couple of times! Oh and she cracked ys and i up last night because we found her crawling backwards (like reverse mode) when she hit a dead end. We thought that was hilarious! Aly is also trying to pull herself up to the standing position these days. I think the next step is to buy her a proper pair of shoes so that she can start to practise how to walk soon.

Other developments: she has this really hilarious habit of acting coy and shy in front of certain strangers (especially caucasian guys). She could be in her hyperactive cheeky mode until some random stranger enters the lift, and she would instantly lay her head sideways on my chest and smile coyly at stranger (whether the stranger is looking at her or not!!). Exit the stranger and she would be back to her normal self again. I’m still puzzled by where and how she picked that up! Not all strangers get the same treatment though. Some get greeted by her grumpy incredulous stare, which I am often very embarrassed by, because she would look like she has just seen an alien! She absolutely loves animals, especially dogs, cats and birds . The most obvious development however, is that she has developed a really foul temper. She’s only 10 months old but the stubborn streak in her is already very obvious. If she cannot get what she wants, she would scream until we give it to her. She also has this irritating habit of swinging both her arms up and down (like swatting flies) in a very spoilt fashion when she gets angry (sigh).

Despite all of that, I must say she’s a joy to be with and is a happy baby most or the time.

Happy 10 months old Aly!