September Day 8 – At night

Initially I thought of skipping day 8’s topic, which is why I didn’t post anything yesterday but oh well I’ve changed my mind.

As most of my friends and people who read my blog would know, I nurse Aly to sleep. This terrible sleep association I’ve cultivated means that I’m left with very little time to myself at night. Most of the time I just blog while I nurse her. Hence I thought there really isn’t much to say about the topic “at night”.

But whilst I lament all the time that I dont have time to do what I want at night, I must say that I really do treasure the time we have just before bedtime. It’s nice to have her lie so close to me, to cuddle her and watch her as she drifts off to sleep. It’s especially precious because it’s the only quality time I get to spend with her on a weekday, after a day’s work. As much as I can’t wait to break her bad sleep habits, I’m also sure I’ll miss these times.


2 thoughts on “September Day 8 – At night

  1. I don’t know if you have tried it before, but the we kind of weaned Aidan off night nursing by accident. I used to nurse him back to sleep in the past, especially during the 4-month sleep regression but one night, the husband successfully put him back to sleep without me. Since then, he handles the night wakings (yay!) and Aidan hasn’t needed to nurse past his dream feed at 1030pm. Perhaps you can get ys to try doing that with Aly?

    • We have tried a couple of times but she always ends up in crying fits 😦 We are staying at a serviced apartment now so we thought we will try again once we move. Maybe once i wean her off, things will get better. I have grand plans to shift her to her own room but we will see about that :p

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