September Day 6 – Everyday

Everyday for the last 5 months, we drop Aly off at my mum’s place or my in-laws’ place before ys drops me at work and heads off to work himself. It is indeed a challenge to have to shower, get dressed, pack what is needed for Aly as well as my pumps and stuff, have breakfast and get everyone out of the house in time so we dont get to work late. Every single morning is a mad race against time.

Every single night we bring Aly home after dinner, and we get back just in time to put her to bed. And the whole routine repeats.

Most people would think we are silly and that there is no need to tire ourselves out like that. But it is important to me that we don’t become weekend parents to Aly. I am not judging here. Of course parents who leave their kids overnight at their caregivers’ homes may have their reasons and I am in no position to judge. But for us, we live close enough to bring her home every single night, and there is no reason why we shouldn’t, even if it means that we have to sacrifice some sleep with this arrangement. In any case, I think all is worth it when I see her huge grin that greets me every single morning.

Here is a picture of her looking pensively out of the car window. Everyday, I will steal a few glances at her from the front passenger seat, on our way to grandma’s. Everyday I marvel at how she has grown.