Aly at 9 months

I cannot believe Aly is now 9 months old! Everytime ys and I look at her, we cannot help but think that before we know it she will be walking down the aisle and starting her own family (I know, we exaggerate sometimes).

Here’s her 9 month update:

Feeds: Her egg yolk gets mixed into her porridge now. One meal of cooked porridge with egg yolk, fish/meat and some veg for lunch and few spoonfuls of brown rice cereal for dinner. She’s still loving her veggies and fruits (she squeals when she sees apples and bananas) and we’ve been letting her have baby snacks from gerbers and bellamy’s.

Milk intake remains the same.

Sleeping patterns: no updates. Still a bad sleeper. There are talks about sleep training her once we move to our new place. The serviced apartment is definitely not a good place to start because of the proximity between the flats.

Speech: she now knows how to say papa and mama among other things, although papa definitely comes to her more naturally now. On some evenings, she will put “papa” on repeat mode, much to our amusement. She’s also taken to say “neh neh neh neh” when she cries. I’ve no idea what she means. When she gets excited, she will squeal in delight (which is pretty often). She still enjoys “singing”. These days, she’s been making the kissing noise. Other than the fact that we’re worried it might turn into a bad habit, we think it is pretty entertaining. Because we will go “Aly u know how to make the [kissing noise] sound?” And she will immediately respond with the kissing noise.

Motor skills: still not crawling and is still not liking to be on her tummy. She is attempting to crawl backwards though. Pulling herself up these days with more ease.

Other developments she has this huge fascination with numbers, dogs, cats, pigs, airplanes, birds, bicycles and cars. She recognizes and can identify people and objects rather quickly. When she sees something familiar, she will squeal.

She also gets really excitable when the door bell rings and she is told that it’s papa or mama. Most of the time, I will hear her screaming away once I press the door bell and the screaming will go on until I pick her up.

She’s also learnt how to say bye bye. She waves her arm up and down in this limpy fashion. Hello is done the same way.

What I find most amusing though, is how proud she is of her watch. She wears it with such great pride and has never attempted to pull it off or put it into her mouth.


Happy 9 months old, Aly!