Aly’s pink watch

Aly has always had this obsession with watches for some reason. So she understood the meaning of “watch” sometime back.

My parents returned from one of their day trips to JB with a pink ladybird watch for Aly! It’s the cutest thing really. And the strap is the kind which will curl around the wrist automatically, once u bend if slightly. Perfect for a baby! I mean, of course she doesn’t know how to tell the time yet, but it’s cute to see her wear the watch with such pride. She probably thinks its cool to wear a watch (like an adult). She’s never attempted to remove it or put it into her mouth.

But when she’s asked “where is your watch”, she will bring her wrist up to look at the watch, use the other hand to touch the watch, and flash a contented smile. Super adorable if I may say so!