Dear Aly,

You surprised Papa and myself on the Friday that just passed when you kept on calling “mama” in between sobs. You enunciated that word so clearly, that magical word. And at that moment I couldn’t help but plant kisses on your little tummy as my heart almost burst with pride and joy. And it didn’t matter if you actually meant “mum mum ” or “mama”, that moment was MY moment. Whatever it is, it made all the sleepless nights worthwhile. Thankfully your papa caught it on video – you saying “mama”.

And today you would went “mamamamamama” when you wanted me to carry you. My heart turns into goo when I hear you say that.

You are learning to speak really quickly. You stare intently at how our lips move as we say a certain word and try your best to follow. You’ve also called papa a couple of times and everytime you do it, we will clap our hands and call out in joy and you will also chuckle in delight! You’ve most certainly reached another milestone and this is just the start of an exciting phase as you pick up more words. We cannot wait to have kiddo conversations with you!

Big big hug.

Love, mama

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