Better late than never

Aly is finally flipping! At 8 months no less! Haha. Actually I have never been too worried about her not being able to flip since the doctor did comment that it will probably take her some time to do it because of her *ahem* weight.

She had been flipping a couple of times but the flips were not done at will. Most of the time she just “tipped over”. From last Friday though, she suddenly acquired her flipping skills and has been flipping like a pro ever since! I was pleasantly surprised when I woke up last saturday morning to her on her tummy, flashing her million dollar smile at me. I just HAD to pull myself out of bed to give her a hug.

On a related note, I thought I’ve been hearing her go “mama” a couple of times but im not sure if I am imagining things. Maybe she’s saying “mum mum” (baby Lang for food) or maybe it happens because she purses her lips together when she cries sometimes. Whatever it is, those episodes definitely got me pretty excited!

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