Relish @ Cluny Court

I’ve heard quite a bit about Relish (owned by celebrity chef Willin, who is also the man behind wild rocket), but it has never crossed my mind to visit it because it is quite out of the way for me and is housed in Cluny court (where parking as I understand is always a problem).

So since we were at Cluny court the other day to get a dress for Aly from Elly (more about this another day), we took the opportunity to visit Relish!

It’s a really charming little restaurant I must say. I loved how the restaurant was done up. Big windows framed in white against light grey walls and huge oversized black lampshades hung from the high ceiling which added a touch of quirkiness to the place.



Ys ordered the blue cheese beef burger with poached pear and walnut butter ($16.90++), which came with a generous portion of perfect (imo) fat fries. We are both not huge fans of blue cheese but the taste was not too overpowering. In fact I have to say that I really enjoyed it. Think it went well with the sweetness of the poached pear and walnut butter. I ordered the hae bee hiam linguine (can’t remember the exact price but should be about $18++) which was an interesting twist to the usual pastas. It was a tad spicy and salty for me though. Should have chosen something from the burger menu since that’s what they are famous for! I remember seeing interesting items like the char Siew open burger and ram lee burger.

Service was great. Ys had asked for the beef to be medium but the beef patty was on the raw side when it came to us. We flagged this to the manager and were promptly served with another burger, with a fresh portion of fat fries! I was definitely impressed 🙂



I enjoyed both the ambience and the food and will probably return if I have the chance!

Relish by Wild Rocket
501, Bukit Timah Road
#02-01, Cluny Court.
Singapore 259760

Note for mums: Cluny court doesn’t have a nursing room but has a decent diaper changing station which can be found in the ladies’ toilet on level 2.

Better late than never

Aly is finally flipping! At 8 months no less! Haha. Actually I have never been too worried about her not being able to flip since the doctor did comment that it will probably take her some time to do it because of her *ahem* weight.

She had been flipping a couple of times but the flips were not done at will. Most of the time she just “tipped over”. From last Friday though, she suddenly acquired her flipping skills and has been flipping like a pro ever since! I was pleasantly surprised when I woke up last saturday morning to her on her tummy, flashing her million dollar smile at me. I just HAD to pull myself out of bed to give her a hug.

On a related note, I thought I’ve been hearing her go “mama” a couple of times but im not sure if I am imagining things. Maybe she’s saying “mum mum” (baby Lang for food) or maybe it happens because she purses her lips together when she cries sometimes. Whatever it is, those episodes definitely got me pretty excited!