The Big Move

I blogged a while ago about selling our current place and getting a bigger place. And so that’s what we did. Two weeks later, we will be out of this place, our first home.

The first matrimonial home, like any other firsts, will always be special. It marks a fresh beginning of a life together as a newly wed couple. Because of that, I think a lot of efforts go into doing up the place in the way you have always imagined your dream home to be. It is always special to the two of you.

We knew this was the place we wanted as our home once we saw it. We saw past the dated design of the apartment and the bad condition of the place (as a result of years of being leased out) and fell in love with the sea view and the unblocked view from the master bedroom. We spent many weekends and hours working with our interior designer, choosing tiles, laminates, bathroom accessories and furniture. Basically we chose every single piece of laminate and tile design in our 2 bedroom apartment. The result – a cosy and comfortable home that we are absolutely in love with. Somehow I feel that anything after the first home is no longer the same. Everything hinges on practicality and there is less energy and enthusiasm. It’s a little sad but I guess that’s life.

And maybe deep down, its not the seaview or the bright orange wall in the living room, or the beautiful pool or neighbours I would miss, its what this place represented for us as a couple that i would miss. It represented a lot
of hope and excitement for the future. We created many good memories here. We held our pre wedding briefings here, prepared our wedding invites here, ushered in the new year watching flares from the ships along east coast for the past three years here, set up our first christmas tree together here, found out about our first pregnancy here and prepared for Aly’s arrival here. The two years I spent here were probably two of the best years in my life! And maybe I’m worried that moving out means I’m letting go of a part of my life I can never reclaim. And I also feel a little sad that Aly will never be able to share these special memories with me because she will never remember this place and how she spent 8 months of her life here.

I’m sorry if this post sounds a bit sombre. I didn’t intend it to be this way. I guess I should look forward to creating just as good and if not, better memories in our second home. After all it will be a more permanent home and it will be the place that Aly will spend her precious formative childhood years, which is why I will want to make the place special for her.

So wish me luck as ys and i will be spending the next two weeks packing for our big move. We will be staying in a serviced apartment for two months before moving to our new place. Goodbye Bayshore! I will miss you very very much!

Here are the things I will miss!

1) the bright orange wall in the living room.


2) the seaview from the living room


3) the view from my bedroom


4) waking up to the sound of bouncing tennis balls from people playing tennis at the courts opposite my block or cheering coming from events at east coast park during the weekends.

5) being able to walk to east coast park.

6) the huge pool (even though I’ve hardly swam in it).

7) the bread vending machine (first time I’ve seen one) in the clubhouse.

8) the size of my master bedroom.

9) the fact that i live on the 17th floor!

P/s: i just asked ys what he will miss most about the this place and it seems like his answer is the same as mine, which is nice to know!

One thought on “The Big Move

  1. I can imagine how you feel! I don’t think I’d be able to bear selling our place next time too… Take more photos and videos of Aly in your current place so that you can show them to her when she’s older. I guess that’s the only way to help her preserve these memories. Hugz.

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