Chuckles and laughter

Dear Aly,

Exactly a week ago, you worried us sick when you came down with a high fever on saturday that refused to go away.

It was the most cruel thing ever to have to take blood sample from you at the children’s a and e at nuh. They had to prick your finger and squeeze the blood out droplet by droplet. It was explained to me that this is a kinder way of drawing blood from babies because their veins are too small to be seen. But still, my heart really ached when you squirmed in pain in my arms and I found tears rolling down my face. I realised through that episode that there is probably nothing that upsets a parent more than to see your child in pain/sad/suffer. I know I’m being a bit over dramatic here but I want you to know I would give up anything, anything for you to be healthy!

It was pretty agonizing the first half of the week. You were cranky and obviously unwell. I was just glad they I was able to provide you with some comfort by nursing you.

By Friday you had recovered and papa and I came home to a happy Aly “hopping away”. You see, ah ma would teach you the letter “K” by saying K for kangaroo hop hop hop” and would lift you up each time she said “hop hop hop”. Somehow you picked it up but since you still cant jump, you would shake your cute little ass and your body everytime we said “hop hop hop”. It totally cracks us up each time you do it and when you see all of us laughing and cheering you on, you just end up chuckling really loudly yourself, as though you are basking in those proud moments. So we have been making you do that the entire weekend (sorry!). Hilarious!

You laugh out loud at almost every other thing and seem to think that your parents are the funniest people in the world. I love how your eyes light up and how you swing your arms and legs up and down in excitement each time you chuckle.

My favourite moments this weekend are those where all three of us – your papa, you and I laid in bed together, trying to make you laugh (without much effort) and how we would break out in laughter each time you chuckled in delight or did your kangaroo dance. Those moments were the simplest but the best.

You are a lot more sensible now, it’s like you have suddenly grown up over the weekend. You would want to bend over to touch papa or me when we are having meals. You like to place your arm on ours and try to get our attention even when your papa and I are engaged in a conversation. You are a lot more observant and love to people watch. Sometimes you break out into a smile or even a chuckle when you look at someone and it makes me wonder what you are thinking (because some of these people aren’t even lookin at you!) Most of the time, you are generous with your smiles and would show your toothless grins to almost everyone you share a lift with. I’m so glad that you’re able to bring smiles to the faces of these strangers.

You are generally a happy baby and I hope you stay this way! Remember, laugh often, love much and live well! Mummy loves you! Good night.

Love, mummy


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