Aly at 7 months

I’ve been terrible at keeping up with Aly’s monthly development updates but I figured I’d better start again before she grows up too quickly (and before I forget all these milestones)!

Feeds: She has been on half a meal of Bellamy’s baby rice a day since she was about four and a half months and is now on one meal of cooked porridge with fish and some veg for lunch and one meal of Bellamy’s baby porridge with veg for dinner. She has a bit of egg yolk every morning (other than on weekends) and has breastmilk from the bottle at 10 plus in the morning and 3 plus in the afternoon. I used to latch her on every morning before we send her to either my mum’s or in laws’ but I have stopped doing that since she wakes up many times a night for feeds. I still latch her on at night (and nurse her to sleep – sigh). On weekends I just rely solely on Bellamy’s baby porridge (mixed with Healthy times brown rice) which is really convenient because I just add warm water and stir and she has her meal ready! Since we are out and about most of the time during weekends, we just carry the baby rice with us and ask for warm water when we have our lunch and dinner, and she gets to eat with us too! Of course as she gets older ill probably have to start cooking on weekends but for now, because I still latch her on quite a bit during weekends, this arrangement works just fine. The great thing is that she generally loves eat and in fact would demand to be fed! She is still on breastmilk and I’ve been pumping at work and determined to continue for another few months!

Sleeping patterns: this is the department where I have really failed and have committed all the wrongs that parenting books have warned mums against. Sigh.

Sleeping has always been a problem since Aly was about one month old but at least she would previously wake up only once at about 3am for a dream feed. This was before I returned to work. From the day I started work, she started getting cranky and waking up about two to three times a night. And because I was so exhausted from work, I gave up and put her on my bed and would nurse her lying down. Afraid that she would get used to this arrangement, I now place her on a mattress beside our bed and force myself to get up and lie down beside her to nurse her when she wakes up in the middle of the night. I’ve always thought things would get better after she got used to all the Childcare arrangements but no… Things never ever got better. In fact, I’m inclined to think that things have gotten worse because I’ve lost count of the number of times she wakes up and the number of times I have to drag myself up and down my bed these days. I don’t even bother to keep track anymore. Well I have myself to blame for starting this habit of nursing her to sleep. Now without me nursing her if she wakes up in the middle of the night, she just can’t get back to sleep. The good news is that my body has kinda gotten used to all the sleep deprivation and I have mastered the art of power napping through the night!

In the day, she still has to be carried to sleep but once it is time for her nap, she falls asleep without much fuss. The problem is that she is easily startled awake.

So much for wanting to move her to a separate room! I can’t even make her sleep through the night!

Speech: she has been a lot more vocal these days, especially in the past week! She now makes demands and is able to call out to people. She also likes to sing along during nap time. I should take a video of this because it really cracked me up the first time I heard it. Basically she will hum to the tune of whoever is singing and it sounds like tone deaf type of humming. But I figured it helps her to fall asleep! So, whatever works!

Motor skills: Here’s the thing, Aly cannot flip. And at first I was slightly worried but I’ve learnt that every child is different and if she doesn’t like to flip and cannot flip then so be it. I spoke to the pediatrician about it and he just joked that Aly’s ass is too heavy and it would be difficult for her. So I’ve kinda given up on her flipping. It’s funny though because now if she’s lying down, she’ll try to sit up by doing sit-ups. Most of the time, she’ll just be stuck if you place her on her tummy or if you lie her down on her back.

She can sit really well though, from about six months. Basically she can sit on her own for a really long time without losing her balance. This is great for us though, because we can do a lot more activities with her and it’s much easier at restaurants cos she can now join us at the table, on a high chair. She also loves sitting on her tricycle (she has two btw).

She has zero interest in crawling and is totally unmotivated to pick it up it seems. Whilst it is second nature to so many babies, it just doesn’t seem like a natural process for her. If you place her on her tummy, she just stares at you and whatever it is that you place in front of her to motivate her to crawl towards you, just doesn’t work.

The funny thing is, she may be ready to start cruising and walking soon. She now hates sitting down and would always try to pull herself up to the standing position. I’ve tried to hold her to encourage her to take steps forward and she has responded very positively. So it seems like she will just move from sitting down to walking, without going through the flipping/crawling stage.

Other developments: she has been super interactive, especially in the past weekend. It’s as though she suddenly grew up overnight and developed a personality of her own! she now knows how to make demands for things she wants (especially demanding to be carried by holding her arms out) and responds a lot more to what we say and do by smiling/frowning/chuckling. The weirdest things make her laugh. I’ve been hearing her “normal” laughter (not the screaming type) a lot more nowadays.

She is generally a happy baby and smiles easily at people. She’s at the stage though, where she’s wary of strangers and definitely has bouts of separation anxiety. Her favourite activity is to people watch and would stare at every.single.person. who comes into the lift. Well and she not only stares. She stares and frowns at the same time, like she’s disapproving of something. Thankfully she usually breaks into a smile once the stranger starts interacting with her. So it does seem like your royal highness expects everyone to say hello and would give you the death stare until you decide to do so.

She understands simple words like “clock”, “car car”, “fan” and “tricycle” and would point the item out by looking at the general direction of that item when asked “where is ____?” she doesn’t know what papa or mummy means though!

She has a weird habit of demanding that everyone who walks through the door at home picks her up and carries her. If this is not done, your royal highness will start crying. This may be funny now but I certainly hope she doesn’t grow up thinking she’s a queen!

A little tooth is starting to emerge from her lower gums and it’s causing Aly to be really really cranky. I can only pray that this stage would be over soon.

Wow this is a long update. Will end off with a photo of Aly at 7 months.


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