My little sister

My little (ok she’s not ThAT little) sister got proposed to today and I am so so so happy for her! Super excited about her wedding already. Haha.

Congratulations my dear sis. Gorgeous rock you have there. Haha.

The Big Move

I blogged a while ago about selling our current place and getting a bigger place. And so that’s what we did. Two weeks later, we will be out of this place, our first home.

The first matrimonial home, like any other firsts, will always be special. It marks a fresh beginning of a life together as a newly wed couple. Because of that, I think a lot of efforts go into doing up the place in the way you have always imagined your dream home to be. It is always special to the two of you.

We knew this was the place we wanted as our home once we saw it. We saw past the dated design of the apartment and the bad condition of the place (as a result of years of being leased out) and fell in love with the sea view and the unblocked view from the master bedroom. We spent many weekends and hours working with our interior designer, choosing tiles, laminates, bathroom accessories and furniture. Basically we chose every single piece of laminate and tile design in our 2 bedroom apartment. The result – a cosy and comfortable home that we are absolutely in love with. Somehow I feel that anything after the first home is no longer the same. Everything hinges on practicality and there is less energy and enthusiasm. It’s a little sad but I guess that’s life.

And maybe deep down, its not the seaview or the bright orange wall in the living room, or the beautiful pool or neighbours I would miss, its what this place represented for us as a couple that i would miss. It represented a lot
of hope and excitement for the future. We created many good memories here. We held our pre wedding briefings here, prepared our wedding invites here, ushered in the new year watching flares from the ships along east coast for the past three years here, set up our first christmas tree together here, found out about our first pregnancy here and prepared for Aly’s arrival here. The two years I spent here were probably two of the best years in my life! And maybe I’m worried that moving out means I’m letting go of a part of my life I can never reclaim. And I also feel a little sad that Aly will never be able to share these special memories with me because she will never remember this place and how she spent 8 months of her life here.

I’m sorry if this post sounds a bit sombre. I didn’t intend it to be this way. I guess I should look forward to creating just as good and if not, better memories in our second home. After all it will be a more permanent home and it will be the place that Aly will spend her precious formative childhood years, which is why I will want to make the place special for her.

So wish me luck as ys and i will be spending the next two weeks packing for our big move. We will be staying in a serviced apartment for two months before moving to our new place. Goodbye Bayshore! I will miss you very very much!

Here are the things I will miss!

1) the bright orange wall in the living room.


2) the seaview from the living room


3) the view from my bedroom


4) waking up to the sound of bouncing tennis balls from people playing tennis at the courts opposite my block or cheering coming from events at east coast park during the weekends.

5) being able to walk to east coast park.

6) the huge pool (even though I’ve hardly swam in it).

7) the bread vending machine (first time I’ve seen one) in the clubhouse.

8) the size of my master bedroom.

9) the fact that i live on the 17th floor!

P/s: i just asked ys what he will miss most about the this place and it seems like his answer is the same as mine, which is nice to know!

Aly at 8 months

Aly turned 8 months old on Friday (and weighs a hefty 9.4kg). I cannot stop marveling at how much she has grown and how quickly time has passed. She’s at a really fun stage now with all the babbling and chuckling and it feels like a mini milestone is attained every other day. Everyday is a surprise and I’m cherishing every moment of it.

Feeds: One egg yolk for breakfast on weekdays. One meal of cooked porridge with fish/meat and some veg for lunch and few spoonfuls of brown rice cereal for dinner. She has tried spinach, potato, carrot, banana, papaya, apple, pumpkin, codfish, salmon, sweet potato, broccoli amongst other things.

Drinks about 130ml of milk about 11 in the morning and between 70ml to 100ml in the evening after her meal of brown rice cereal. I latch her on and nurse her to sleep about 9pm and pretty much throughout the night (yes nothing has changed) which is why I don’t give her milk early in the morning (come on, she has had free flow milk the entire night!).

Sleeping patterns: no updates. Still waking up a couple of times a night and not able to self-soothe to fall back to sleep. I’m still the giant pacifier. In fact I notice that she has been waking up earlier than usual this entire week! She used to only wake up when she hears us preparing to go to work in the mornings. These days she’s awake even before my alarm rings!

Speech: she definitely has no problems making herself heard. She loves babbling these days and lets out these squeals every now and then (especially in her Gymboree class). She has recently started “singing”, not singing along, but singing on her own, and looking quite pleased each time she does it because she has a fan club cheering her on and clapping with pride. Unfortunately, she sounds rather tone deaf at the moment but I hope that’s not permanent. Haha.

Motor skills: still not crawling and is obviously not motivated to crawl. She has been flipping the last couple of days though! I hope she keeps it up! When she is in a sitting position and we place a toy she likes in front of her, she will reach out for it and fall flat on her face (because she doesn’t know how to extend her arms to support herself). Guess she didn’t inherit her dad’s great psycho motor skills! Definitely prefers standing to sitting down and would pull herself up to the standing position whenever she can.

Other developments she’s got two teeth peeking out of her lower gums now! Her stubborn personality is starting to show. Let’s just say she definitely has a mind of her own and hates being told what to do and how to do it (sigh). She even hates being held by the hand to be guided to do or touch something and will promptly push our hands away when we try to do that.

She’s an observer and listens intently each time we speak to her. She is able to identify certain items like light, fan, tricycle, piano, photo (the graduation pictures that hang on our parents’ living room walls), ball. She also knows everyone in the immediate family. So whenever we ask “where is ____ ?” she will look in the general direction of that object/person. She also knows that she can find birds, airplanes and cars when standing at the window so she looks in the general direction of windows when asked “where is bird/airplane/car?”

She puts everything in her mouth, like every.single.thing she can land her hands on. She hates sitting on the stroller and can’t stay there for long. The manduca carrier thankfully still works fine. She’s needier than ever before and would burst into tears if she is left alone even for a split second. I’m really hoping this is only a phase!


Happy 8 months old Aly!

Breakfast by the sea

Since we live so close to the beach, we head to East coast park for breakfast pretty often but have never brought Aly to the beach proper before.

So today after our sinful Prata breakfast, we strolled over to the beach and seeing that Aly was rather excited when we got near the sea, I told ys to let her stand on the sand so she could feel the sand and sea beneath her little feet.

Well she only lasted 5 secs before she burst into tears when the waves came in and wet her feet! Haha! Well, that’s a first for Aly, and i am glad I was there to share that moment!



Chuckles and laughter

Dear Aly,

Exactly a week ago, you worried us sick when you came down with a high fever on saturday that refused to go away.

It was the most cruel thing ever to have to take blood sample from you at the children’s a and e at nuh. They had to prick your finger and squeeze the blood out droplet by droplet. It was explained to me that this is a kinder way of drawing blood from babies because their veins are too small to be seen. But still, my heart really ached when you squirmed in pain in my arms and I found tears rolling down my face. I realised through that episode that there is probably nothing that upsets a parent more than to see your child in pain/sad/suffer. I know I’m being a bit over dramatic here but I want you to know I would give up anything, anything for you to be healthy!

It was pretty agonizing the first half of the week. You were cranky and obviously unwell. I was just glad they I was able to provide you with some comfort by nursing you.

By Friday you had recovered and papa and I came home to a happy Aly “hopping away”. You see, ah ma would teach you the letter “K” by saying K for kangaroo hop hop hop” and would lift you up each time she said “hop hop hop”. Somehow you picked it up but since you still cant jump, you would shake your cute little ass and your body everytime we said “hop hop hop”. It totally cracks us up each time you do it and when you see all of us laughing and cheering you on, you just end up chuckling really loudly yourself, as though you are basking in those proud moments. So we have been making you do that the entire weekend (sorry!). Hilarious!

You laugh out loud at almost every other thing and seem to think that your parents are the funniest people in the world. I love how your eyes light up and how you swing your arms and legs up and down in excitement each time you chuckle.

My favourite moments this weekend are those where all three of us – your papa, you and I laid in bed together, trying to make you laugh (without much effort) and how we would break out in laughter each time you chuckled in delight or did your kangaroo dance. Those moments were the simplest but the best.

You are a lot more sensible now, it’s like you have suddenly grown up over the weekend. You would want to bend over to touch papa or me when we are having meals. You like to place your arm on ours and try to get our attention even when your papa and I are engaged in a conversation. You are a lot more observant and love to people watch. Sometimes you break out into a smile or even a chuckle when you look at someone and it makes me wonder what you are thinking (because some of these people aren’t even lookin at you!) Most of the time, you are generous with your smiles and would show your toothless grins to almost everyone you share a lift with. I’m so glad that you’re able to bring smiles to the faces of these strangers.

You are generally a happy baby and I hope you stay this way! Remember, laugh often, love much and live well! Mummy loves you! Good night.

Love, mummy


Something for everyone in the family

We were at The Central @ Clarke quay over the weekend and decided to lunch at Ma Maison.

I’ve always loved the restaurant because of the cosy and quirky decor and mostly because I can’t find any place in Singapore that does omu rice like them. I also like that it’s a rather tiny place and houses about 10 tables max. It boasts a fantastic view of the Singapore river too, if you get one of the window seats.


But this time, I found another reason to love the place! It’s a very family friendly restaurant! The moment we went in, we were asked if we needed a baby chair and that was promptly set up for us. Kids cutlery were also sent to the table with a mini cup and a straw. Of course Aly can’t use these yet buy I thought a mother of a toddler would definitely appreciate such attentiveness from the staff.

The best part was that there is currently an ongoing kids and family fair (err that’s what they call it). And basically everyone in the family is entitled to something! The dad gets a free mug of asahi beer, the mum gets a scoop of ice cream and the kiddo gets a free toy (basically you choose from a basket of stickers, cute pencils and mini board games). I thought it was such a great deal! I did ask them when the fair would last till and I was given to understand that it’s an ongoing event and I sure hope so!


Ys ordered the usual omu rice and i got the hamburger steak with melted cheese this time round, which I enjoyed just as much. Prices range from about 12 to 20 plus bucks. The omu rice and hamburger steak were about 14 bucks each. My only gripe is that the portions are smallish. Well but I guess there’s always dessert, which all looked good btw, but which we didn’t get to try because we were both rather stuffed at the end of the meal.



Will definitely return!

Ma Maison
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
The Central @ Clarke Quay

Our souvenir from G.O.D

We paid the newly opened Goods of Desire at Central a visit today and look what we got to keep as a souvenir. There’s this kiosk which will take pics of you and have the photos emailed to you. The only thing they didn’t tell us was that the photo will be uploaded onto their facebook page as well! Imagine our horror when we found out! It’s a great place to check out though, of you’re looking for a quirky gift for someone or for your home.


Giant Pacifier

One day my husband walked into the room and found me nursing Aly to sleep and went “wow you are a giant pacifier!” I kind of burst out laughing at that statement of truth. Im not sure how and when it began but Aly now only goes to sleep at night when I nurse her. This means that i actually wake up a couple of times a night just to nurse her back to sleep when she wakes up in the middle of the night. It’s a really bad habit I know, but I don’t think I’m ready to wean her yet! So I guess I will just have to put up with more sleepless nights ahead.

Anyway, when ys forwarded me this comic from the cow goddess, I thought it was the funniest thing ever, and probably a joke that mums who nurse their kids to sleep would appreciate!

Aly, is this what’s running through your mind when i nurse you at night?