Me time

I feel that ever since I became a mum, I am constantly racing with time. Somehow 24 hours a day just don’t seem enough. When I take time off work, I cannot decide if I should spend the precious time with Aly or if I should go on a date with ys, have tea with my mum or have some me time.

My idea of a perfect day of me time honestly is to do absolutely nothing at all and to just curl in bed in my king size bed and just erm sleep. But of course I cannot bring myself to do that since time is so precious and there are so many other things that I need to do for myself (like have a haircut, go for a facial or shop for clothes – haha).

So anyway, today I decided to take a couple of hours off work and pamper myself. I managed to get some shopping done in 20 mins (I shop like a man now) and squeezed in time for a facial! The husband was kind enough to offer to send Aly home on his own from his mum’s place so I will just need to head straight home after dinner. The result is a happier (and cleaner) me! It is amazing what a few hours of me time can do.

Again, I think it takes some discipline to set aside time for yourself, especially with kids you would like to spend all your time with. But it’s necessary I feel. And a happy mum = a happy baby!

So what do you do during your me-time?