A moment we shared

There is something I love about this picture. Yes the eye bags are bad and I had no make up on but it is this simplicity that draws me to this picture. It is a picture of simple joy, of a precious moment both Aly and I shared as we lazed in bed together on a Sunday afternoon, and of a wonderful bond.


Happy Father’s Day

Today is ys’ first father’s day, which probably makes it the most meaningful father’s day in all his 31 years, cos I’m sure he finally genuinely understands both the joys and demands of fatherhood. So even though I got him a card (which I have yet to write in), I thought I might as well write him a note here, so many years down the road, both him and Aly can read this post together!!

So here goes:

To Aly’s Papa:

I’m sure you were warned well in advance of the sleepless nights and the chaotic days but still, I think probably nothing prepared you for how our lives would change with Aly’s arrival.

It’s been almost seven months and I must say that i’m really proud of you. You have been the most amazing dad to Aly.

Thank you for sending us to, and picking us up from, anywhere and everywhere.

Thank you for packing the diaper bag and ensuring that it is stocked with necessities each time before we leave the house.

Thank you for taking charge of the gigantic stroller and hauling it in and out of the boot and never once expecting me to do it on my own.

Thank you for religiously washing bottles and my pumps at night and packing them for me in the mornings so I can go to work with the peace of mind knowing that everything I need would be in my pump bag (I’m sure I would have forgotten one thing or another if I were the one packing).

Thank you for making breakfast every morning.

Thank you for entertaining Aly in the morning on weekends so i get to sleep in for a while more.

Thank you for being the clown and entertaining Aly when I’m having my meals and when she is cranky when I’m
changing her.

Thank you for always accompanying me for diaper changes and readily passing me wet wipes and collecting her soiled diaper.

Thank you for empathising with me and understanding how I feel as a woman/mother and putting up with my loads of complaints/whining.

Thank you for standing by me in all that we choose to do with regard to Aly.

Thank you for loving Aly and most of all, thank you for loving me.

Happy father’s day! Hope you had a great one 🙂

P/s: Aly, you’re one lucky girl! Be good to papa!