Open house

We started with the first round of open house today and the response was not too bad! Six groups came to view the place and I think at least two groups were pretty interested.

One lady commented when she found out that we have only been staying here for less than two years, that it’s a pity we have to let it go so soon cos its a nice place. Haha. Funny that should come from a prospective buyer.

It’s true though.

Ys and I love this place and of course it’s special because it’s after all our first home. When we viewed the place, it was worn out and gross looking, but we saw the potential in the place and decided to just hack away all the old bits and transformed it into the place it is today. It’s not a particularly huge place and neither does it have classy expensive furnishing. It’s just simply done up but it’s a cosy place I would say. And ys and I are both very proud of this first home we have put together. It is indeed a pity to have to let it go but I guess it will just be as exciting to do up our new place. This time it’s also just as special because our plans will involve Aly.

We are scheduled for a few viewings tmr and I hope at least one of them would be good!