Staring into space

These days, I’m so physically exhausted that I sometimes just stare into space and COMPLETELY zone out. Like my mind totally shuts down and goes to sleep even though my eyes are wide open. And when I snap myself out of it, I don’t know what really transpired in that few seconds that I zoned out.


Aly’s first balloon

Aly, pleased with her yellow balloon from Macs. She was pretty happy waving the balloon up and down. Quite hilarious. She turns 6 months old today too, which means I have reached my target of breastfeeding Aly exclusively for 6 months (but I shall leave this for another post on another day). Happy 6 months old my dear Aly!


Quack Quack

Our weekend started early this week! As part of my bday celebration, ys brought the whole family on the Singapore duck tour.

We chose the earliest slot at 10am which turned out to be a good choice cos my group was a small one and the weather was not that warm yet. The safety video warned that the tour is not recommended for infants because it can get rather bumpy at times but I thought it was relatively safe so long as you hold onto your toddler especially at the “splash points” where the duck gets in and out of the water.

It was quite enjoyable I must say, playing tourists. We started off from suntec, headed to the F1 pit area where the splash point was, cruised down past the flyer and the floating platform towards the merlion and did a turn back, past the art science museum at the marina bay sands. The land route took us past the padang, the old city hall and supreme court, st andrew’s cathedral and swissotel the stamford. We actually learnt a couple of things about Singapore which we never knew about, and I have to admit that Singapore does look quite impressive especially when we were doing the cruise down Singapore river.

I put Aly in the manduca carrier for getting in and out of the duck cos the steps up to the duck were rather steep but unstrapped her once we were seated. She was so curious about her surroundings and was generally pleased throughout the ride (which lasted for about 50 minutes). In fact, she got the best seat on the duck cos she was seated on the guide’s lap and was busy tugging at her clothes and her microphone while the guide was giving the commentary.

Ys and I definitely had fun and we are sure Aly enjoyed herself too! I thought it’s a great idea for a family outing!


an adult ticket costs $33 and a ticket for a child under 2 is only $2!




30 years on…

My mum and dad got married on this day 30 years ago.

30 years on, they are still very much in love. They still hold hands, what’s app each other, go on holidays together, explore new food places together and laugh together (and sometimes, at each other).

It is this strong bond between my parents that laid the foundation to a happy and close knitted family. They provided the security and stability that is so critical in a child’s growing up years, and for that, I will always be grateful.

They have served as role models for what a married couple should be like and have taught me many values that I continue to apply to my very own marriage.

And I am very happy for them, happy that they have accepted their differences and come this far in their journey together, happy that they found each other more than 30 years ago, happy that they are still happy together 30 years on.

Happy 30th anniversary dad and mum. Thank you for staying in love.


Open house

We started with the first round of open house today and the response was not too bad! Six groups came to view the place and I think at least two groups were pretty interested.

One lady commented when she found out that we have only been staying here for less than two years, that it’s a pity we have to let it go so soon cos its a nice place. Haha. Funny that should come from a prospective buyer.

It’s true though.

Ys and I love this place and of course it’s special because it’s after all our first home. When we viewed the place, it was worn out and gross looking, but we saw the potential in the place and decided to just hack away all the old bits and transformed it into the place it is today. It’s not a particularly huge place and neither does it have classy expensive furnishing. It’s just simply done up but it’s a cosy place I would say. And ys and I are both very proud of this first home we have put together. It is indeed a pity to have to let it go but I guess it will just be as exciting to do up our new place. This time it’s also just as special because our plans will involve Aly.

We are scheduled for a few viewings tmr and I hope at least one of them would be good!