Amazing Saturday

Today has been a very eventful day and I think we are getting the hang of working our schedules around Aly’s nap times so she is less cranky when out. This means we are out for shorter periods of time but at least we get to spend quality time rather than trying to soothe a cranky baby.

We started the day at a friend’s new place for a breakfast gathering. Perfect for me for two reasons: 1) Aly’s mood is best in the early part of the day and 2) house parties are actually best for me since I don’t have to worry about digging a hole in the ground and burying my head in there when Aly gets cranky and starts screaming her head off. It was a simple gathering with my hall friends-I brought some yoghurt and milk and nespresso capsules, two friends brought some pies and freshly baked bread, the friend who opened up her place scrambled some eggs and it was the best breakfast ever. Simple, cosy and yummy. I will definitely open up my house more once I get a bigger place and a bigger dining table!!

And Aly had her first interaction with dogs cos this friend of mine has two Shetland sheepdogs. I was pretty cautious at first but soon realised that this breed of dogs is so mild and friendly that my fears were pretty uncalled for. In fact, my fear soon turned into fear of Aly yanking the dogs’ whiskers or hitting the dogs’ faces. She seemed rather intrigued by them though. I do hope she grows up to be a dog lover like me!

After aly’s afternoon nap, ys and I took turns to feed her cereal with spinach (yucks I know). My mum has been feeding her this for one of her meals for half a week and I was told that she likes it a lot. So today I had the pleasure of feeding her and was super amused by her excitement over the yucky mushy green stuff. Well I guess I should be glad that she’s a vegetable lover (although I can’t understand how anyone can stand eating the mushy green stuff!)


Dinner was at Tajiyama at vivocity, which is a Japanese charcoal grill restaurant. We ordered the wagyu beef short rib, pork belly, beef tenderloin and japanese sweet potato for the grill and I must say that I enjoyed everything! Its somewhat like the Seoul garden concept except less smokey and offers much better quality meat. The wagyu beef was heavenly!!

I will recommend it as a family friendly restaurant since there are huge tables that can accommodate larger families and I like the fact that the tables are widely spaced out so there’s ample space for the high chair and stroller. The restaurant is also quick to provide kids’ cutlery for the toddlers and younger kids. The place is amazingly not that smokey but i think there is no way to avoid smelling like you just came from a BBQ party after you leave the restaurant.


I have to admit the meal was a bit pricey and we wouldn’t have gone for it if not for my Amex credit card which offers a 50% off ala carte items. I’ll definitely recommend it though if you are a meat lover and are in the mood to indulge!

After dinner, because Aly fell asleep in the carrier, ys and I could still afford to get ourselves some coffee before heading home, just like the good old days.

It’s been an amazing day really.